Vancover2 dvd

I was looking through the short to long program from the vancv.2 . There is a column that has “intensity limit” then there is stuff like 20-50m+ in the column. Does this mean for a 60m rep an athlete accelerates hard up to the intensity limit then maintains the speed until he reaches the 60m mark?

Also what sort of cues would you guys give to the athlete for the intensity limit?

Last one :slight_smile: Can the short to long program from the dvd work for a someone who is thinking about the 200m and 60m hurdles?

any help would be greatly appreciated!


You are right about intensity limit. Accelerate to intensity limit then maintain.

Early on in the progression (20-30m) when you hit the intensity limit you will continue to accelerate a little even when you stop trying to (remember waiting for it?!). I tell my athletes to wait for this to pass and as the feel themselves slowing to maintain that speed. This way the legs don’t overtake the arms (so to speak) when you stop trying to accelerate. I also find it a nice way of teaching people to “wait for it”.

If you arn’t running 200m indoors then sure you can use short to long as a special endurance part of your program. If you are running 200s then maybe long to short would be better for SPP1? I would focus on 60m indoors anyway. If you can’t accelerate to 50-60m how are you going to run well over 100 or 200? 60m speed sets you up for the rest of the season and what better preparation/testing than 60m racing?

If you are running 60m hurdles how else do you propose to train speed endurance over 60m? Doesn’t it seem like the best option?

Thanks! I want to do an entire CF type GPP and SPP. I want to really put all my CF material to the test :slight_smile: