Vancouver Seminar Wrap-Up

Sorry for the delay in providing a summary of what happened in Vancouver with Charlie. We had a great turnout, with lots of well-informed coaches.

A lot of our time was spent doing practical sessions, as well as looking at program planning approaches. Many of the attendees commented positively on Charlie’s review of long-to-short vs. the short-to-long approaches for sprint training. In fact, the discussion process yielded some nice diagrams that could be used in Charlie’s upcoming training manual. The photos above only provide the tip of the iceberg in terms of what was covered.

Others commented on the merit of doing a follow-up workshop (or training camp), delving further into the program planning and technical components… a sort of evolving seminar process.

We also enjoyed going to the pub after the seminar and watching 100m heats for the world championships. John Drummonds’ antics provided a good conversation on the merits of the current false start rule and technology.

thanx for the pics #2.

i think we should convince charlie to put out some kind of GPP manual, because it seems to be causing most confusion in terms of proper training protocols.

the third photo, would you explain that one pls.

thank you.

thanks for the photos number two

are y’all coming to asheville soon?

The third one demonstrates the back hyperextension exercise done with a barbell. At the top of the hyper, the athlete does a row. Basically combines a lower back/hip extension exercise with an upper/mid-back pull exercise.

Who is the “bald” guy who features so prominently in the pictures - anyone we know?

There are actually two separate bald guys in those photos. It was a hair-optional seminar.

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Any chance somebody could describe the exercise being performed in the 3rd photo?

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You are comparing KT to Tim?


Will you be providing a video series from this seminar?

To the press it would hardly matter. :slight_smile:

I am wanting to purchase one of Charlies seminars on video. My main interest is in strength and athlete development vs track and field specific. Comments, Charlie?

The earlier Vancouver Seminar is available on video on this site. You can order it from the shop section.

were there some more videos coming out soon too?

volume 3 and 4??


No2’s working on 3 and 4- 1 and 2 are available now.

1 & 2 are great :cool:

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