Vancouver Seminar Review November 2004

It was an amazing time! There were very high calibre (the highest calibre) people from the sports world in attendance (from all over the world) and we all sat back and took in everything we could. I am not sure why it cost so little though. Charlie must be working for free. (Oh boy do I ever feel bad for the poor folks who were stuck in Edmonton this weekend.)

Anyways, overall it was awesome. Why NumberTwo didn’t need to rent out a stadium is beyond me!!! Anyone who missed out on this one MISSED OUT!!!

Damn Im playa hatin’ right now! Hope they recorded this one.

Yeah there was a camera in the back. I’m pretty sure It’ll be available. I have no idea why they wouldn’t sell it.

I’m just waiting for the uncut version and the blooper reel!

I hate you.

Yeah it was a really good seminar. Can’t say there is any other time i’ve learned more about anything! Everything was awesome Charlies stuff and the omega wave stuff, I loved the omega wave/charlie double presenation that was goingon though I can’t say I was able to follow half the stuff they said. hehe