Vancouver Seminar Promo

I think “bashes” is a strong word. Charlie merely provides examples of thoughtless coaching and happens to mention a few names that he’s come across. It’s nothing personal.:slight_smile:

When Charlie witnesses good coaching and consistent results, he is usually the first to give credit where credit is due.

I stand corrected. Number Two is right. For a second I forgot that I was a lawyer.

In said video tapes, Mr. Francis does not indeed “bash” said mentioned coaches. Instead, Mr. Francis engages in a technical exposition of the relative merit, efficiency and applicability of physiological adaptation methodologies employed by said physical preparation specialists, coaches, trainers, and other such related parties that may or may not have been engaged in the training of sprinters, athletes, and other such related parties.

Well put Flash!

Any Ideas to when the next seminar in Vancouver will be held? :slight_smile:

since the thread is on…the video tapes are in vhs format?(in itaaly…can I watch them?)

Or will there be a DVD Version - that way “we Europeans” could avoid the trouble with the different Video standards…

I would like to have Charlie do a Vancouver Seminar in late October or November of this year, that would specifically be structured as a planning workshop (i.e. doing workout plans with attending coaches/athletes). We would cover different speed development approaches such as short-to-long and long-to-short in great detail, as well as adjustments for weights, plyos, and other training components.

Let me know who is interested in such a workshop.

Me for sure.

I am for sure interested, however Oct, Nov are busy times for me. I couldn’t commit until I knew an exact date.

I would like that.

Count me in for the seminar, I’ll come from California just for that

I am put me down on the list. :slight_smile: