Vancouver 2004

This a post sales question as I have bought the DVD download. Is it possible for me to obtain a download of the graphs used in the presentation. The ones I downloaded with the GPP DVD were a great help, as would the 2004 ones if I can obtain them. Many thanks

You can find a link to them in the “Vancouver Series 1” part of this forum

If you don’t have access to it you have to mail and ask for the password for the “Vancouver” part on this forum. Mention your order number for the Vancouver download in it so that Rupert can verify it.

Thanks Klazoid, I don’t have access to the 2001 forum. Have emailed already but have had no response.

I am in the same boat except i sent an email over a week ago.
Can someone please help with the graphs and access to the vancouver and jane forums?

E-mail again to info including your order id number in the subject line. It should be working now.

Thanks Charlie, I already messaged JOCONNER.

Note to members, just send your orderID over for Vancouver/GPP graphs. We’ll get you sorted right away.


Will give it another go, enjoying the DVD looking forward to seeing the graphs to appreciate it even more.

Well Charlie I e mailed again quoting my order number, still no response. Don’t wish to be a pain but my GPP is underway and the graphs will help my understanding of how I need to plan the SPP. I know the type of work I want to include but the key is the programming of that work. I don’t want to be trying to plan at the last minute.