Vancouver 2002 Fast Seminar

Has anyone purchased and watched the two volumes of this seminar? If so, can you provide a review that includes the information discussed in the videos? Thanks.

ill try and watch it tonight and ill post an honest review first thing.


ok after watching both which runs just around 4hours ill try and give you a brief idea what is what.

Volume 1 Part1 & 2 running time 2hours- WHAT YOU NEED FOR YOUR SPORT? Charlie slowly gets into things which starts off with aspects of different sports and how can you train properly for a given sport. he explains exactly what is asked from the audience with the aid of graphs and solid information which backs up everything he says. it is basically a Q&A session which covers all sports including hockey, soccor, track and even basketball. Charlie gives examples of what other “coaches” were doing and when he explains you will understand and ask yourself why would a coach do that wth their athletes.

Training principles and theory/application- here Charlie goes into periodization and volumes with specific graphs. its great as hes explaining the graphs as the audience will ask questions which he has to explain more. he also goes into more detail on ben 87 annual plan and touches on recovery and ems.

Volume 2 part 1 & 2 running time approx. 2hours 5mins- its a continuation from the above for a brief period then runs into how the cns is affected by the use of different exercises etc. energy displacement is discussed and towards the end of part 1 its biomechanics and some great stuff discussed. part 2 is indept discussion on seoul 88,rome87 and you will hear why Charlie was ahead of the game. he shows examples of other athletes and its pure joy to watch and learn.

I could go into a lot more detail but honestly these downloads are worth their weight in gold. you may have to watch them again and again to pick up different things in which he said as the information is immense. he covers the why how and heres why from different sports leadin to track. the discussion on seoul and rome alone are incredible and to get the inside information from Charlie is just priceless.

if you need to know anymore just ask.

I have a Vancouver 2004 download, are these products the same or entirely different to the 2002 fast seminar, a little confused ?

Just curious about this part, are there pdf files of the graphs included? Would you say there’s as much detail in this portion as in the SPP or Edmonton series?

Brett, ill get onto ange for you regarding the pdf’s.

in regards to the SPP part of your query. you got to see “inside the SPP” download as it specifically deals with this in detail and is approx. 47minutes of non stop explainations from Charlie with no interruptions

Agreed. Inside the SPP might be my second favorite CF production - behind only the GPP video, which is one of the best investments possible for a track athlete or coach.

Well, everything depends how much are you willing to pay for quality informations?
I have purchased few products from website and even thou most of them talks about virtualy the same thing content and delivery differ a bit.
After spending fortune on some substandard books and other materials from Amazon and other websites in contrast I have to say that I have been enjoying products. Vancouver is one of the best products.
So, how much are you willing to pay for quality informations which you will take it with you and quite possibly use it for the rest of your athletics career?

Kind regards

same here I also have van 2004

BUMP… Would really like to know if there is a difference between the Vancouver 04 to the Vancouver FAST 02.
Cheers in advance

Go with the 2002 seminar. It’s more extensive.

Thanks …will do