Vancouver 1 graphs

Hi Guys - have just watched volume 1 of this which was fantastic. Although the detail in the graphs were hard to read. Are these available?

All is on the forum just have to spend some time to look for it.

What exactly do you need?

Was chasing the graph that show’s Ben’s ‘87 plan. Would be great to see the detail to go match with what Charlie describes

There is a graph in The CFTS on page 101. I’m not sure if it’s the same one you are looking for though.

Looks like someone re-posted a video of BJ’s 6.44 WR. Now if someone would just re-post 1987 Zurich’s 100m where BJ won in 9.97 into a strong headwind with a fast finishing Calvin Smith closing on him.


Thanks Balance - I have that and it’s a great representation of the pre comp indoor phase. The graph im chasing is about 40 minutes into volume 1 part 2 of Vancouver’02 that shows Ben’s annual plan for ‘87. I have also definitely seen that Zurich run somewhere- will see if I can find it

I believe you are speaking about the annual plan from 1987 that list training times and strength loads/volume etc. Send me a message and I can take a screenshot from the 2007 presentation. I can never post pictures on here because it always say “file exceeds limit”.

Thanks RB34.

I sent Voges the original graphs.

thanks RB - really appreciate your help! Ang has sent this though.

brilliant - thanks Ang!

Sweet enjoy!!

Thank you to all of you for appreciating what Charlie accomplished.

Thank you Voges for the really lovely note you sent to me. I appreciate you taking the time to do that.