Vancouver '04 graph questions

I was just wondering, on the phase 1 speed prgression short to long graphic, what does the intensity limit column mean? for example in wk 1 it says 20+m and m=maintain, what does that mean (sorry if I sound dumb!!)?
Also for the strength endurance column it says 4x30 but it doesn’t give rest intervals, do you use the same rest intervals as given for the special endurance work? Sorry again if this seems quite simple! I guess this is why it’s better to actually go to the seminar than watch a vide of it!!
Thanks for any help


Pretty sure this is covered somewhere previously (check the search function). The distance that you accelerate over in a run controls the speed reached (and the intensity). Where 20+m is cited, it means accelerate for 20m, then maintain that speed obtained by the 20m mark for the rest of the distance. It is essentially the intensity of the run. The Strength Endurance when done correctly is quite draining. I use 3-4 mins rest between.

Speed is controlled by the distance over which you accelerate. IE if you accel over 20m you are going less fast than if you accel over 30m etc. It’s a simple way to control pace.
Rest intervals for the 30m Str End is complete- usually around 4 to 5 min.

also remember people like us need to reduce the int limit even more then what is listed on the graph bc we reach top speed faster.