Is anyone else getting tired of the attitude displayed by utfootball?

And getting worse…

Check out this thread: http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=14698

haha, I was just coming in here to see if anyone else wants the guy banned. I put my vote in.

He definitely needs a smack-down! Rupert?

Just argue your cases and ignore him unless it’s a serious problem. If everyone who pissed me off was out of here… I don’t think everyone wants to go there!

I’ve already warned UTFootball, just take him to task whenever possible and if it gets worse he’ll be canned.


The problem isn’t that he is pissing me off. The problem is that he is not adding quality information to discussions. This greatly decreases the signal to noise ration on the forum. Even worse, he is irrationally dismissive of other opinions. This inhibits continuing discussions.

In the thread I referenced above, he has essentially killed off any further substantive discussion (and this is not the first case of it happening.)

If you don’t want to ban him, how about zeroing out his rep points to let him know he is on notice? He seems to think highly of the fact that he has more rep points than no23 and that having a high rep somehow makes him better than everyone else.

I sent UT a PM and this was his reply. Thoughts…Charlie?

“u know man ever since i made the comment bout kelly b book everyone has been trying to make smart comments bout me, and i am the type of guy thats not gonna let that fly, if people respect me i will do the same, the only thing he had to do was ask in nice way or private message me. the comment about the rep points was made bc i wanted to make clear that i dont make useless post and others feel like i contribute to the forum, i have many private messages from other members giving me thanks for the help.”

OK, I suggest that everyone go back and look at the first post he made on the thread I referenced and you can decide whether or not it is useless (Look carefully or you might miss it, it was only 4 words long!)

Also look at my first request for him to keep his “contributions” helpful (post #9) and his response. Was I the one being disrespectful?

This is why it is impossible to argue with him…his reality is radically different that yours or mine!

BTW, I didn’t even read his response about Kelly B’s book. I generally just skip his posts.

I banned UTFootball today for 2 years.

Thanks for the discussion on this unfortunate circumstance.


Looks like he is back under a new name…

check out: http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=14877&page=1&pp=40

and see if you can guess what his new ID is!

No big deal. If he annoys anyone just let me know and I’ll throw a hard ban at him.

Thanks and my guess is T.J