Utah Seminar - Recap

Just got back from the Utah Seminar. Everything went very well. We had a great combination of:

  • First Class Hosts - Mike Doyle and Kim Tulane - They put on a great seminar at their world class facility. We’ll likely be hearing more from them in the future. We felt at home with Mike and Kim running the show.

  • Great Audience Members - All our audience members came with great base knowledge and we participated in great discussions on training.

  • Great practical demonstration opportunities - We had a 315lb linemen in attendance who was preparing for his Pro Day and we worked on his flexibility, his 40 yard dash and his Pro Agility test. Charlie was tossing this guy around like a rag doll during the PNF stretch (or was it the other way around… can’t remember).

Once I get some time to gather myself, I’ll try to post some short clips on YouTube to give you an idea of what transpired.

The common comment from attendees after the seminar was, “I’m glad I showed up in person, because now I can really grasp the concepts and see them in practice!”

Thank you all for putting on a great seminar!

Meeting Charlie and Derek was awesome, listening to their presentations in person, and being able to ask them questions and receive feedback was tremendous. They are such down to earth people.

Thank you Mike and Kim, your gym as Derek noted is world class and they were even better hosts. This was the best I have been treated at an event like this. I wish you both the best in your business and I will come back if you host another event. 3.2% beer though…

I am little jet lagged and have to get to work. My connection flight from LA to Hawaii was delayed 6 hours and I just got in a few hours ago, but it was worth it…

Charlie Jenks

Thanks Charlie. I didn’t realize the beer was only 3.2% alcohol until it was brought to my attention on the drive to the airport. No wonder I was always well hydrated according to the hydration-urine color chart in the washroom at the COR Performance facility!

Gee! And I just thought that was the floor!

I understand you had some info at the seminar about work you have done with HR monitoring are you able to share that?

This is the program …