Using Internet Explorer? Read this please.

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A number of security issues have been identified in Microsoft® Internet Explorer that could allow an attacker to compromise your Microsoft Windows®-based systems and then take a variety of actions.

Download the update from Microsoft by using this link



Hi forum,

A number of people have asked me if this update is legit, yes, its very legit and I’d suggest all users of internet explorer use this update without delay to avoid security risks.

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See people with Mac’s dont have to worry about this :wink:

Hi Vito, Members,

People with Mac’s have lots to worry about, contrary to public opinion Mac’s are loaded with security problems, you just don’t hear about them as much because Mac isn’t mainstream (only .001% of our membership uses Mac at and Apple owns a whopping 5% of the entire computer market).

So for all of our Mac users, here is the link for the latest browser updates for Mac from our friends at Microsoft.

For even more fun…check this site out



It’s not a security ‘problem’ until some cracker decides to exploit the hole. That’s why Macs are safer…if you are writing a virus would you rather have the potential to infect the vast majority of the computers in use (read Windows) or < 5%?


It that the correct link?

It didn’t seem to work for me.


Hi Craig,

Use this link.

Macs aren’t mainstream because people want compatability with what they use for work, so they buy another PC to gain compatability… a Mac would be a break in the cycle

99.9% of the viruses out there are made for Windows, because there are more common ways to distribute them on Windows (as in IE, Outlook/Outlook Express) vs. on another system, like Linux or Mac OS X.
Because everyone uses the same thing, everyone is prone to the same bugs, which is not so on the Mac/Linux

And its 5% b/c you get what you pay for. If you want to buy a PC that will be sufficient in performing the things you want to do, then thats ok, but if you want a quality machine and do those same things even better :), then buy a mac. But of course, this is obviosuly my biased opinion.


I do not have a mac.

I use a PC (albeit a very old one)

Hi Craig,

Use this link then



If you are a windows user, there are alternatives. Give Mozilla Firebird a try. It is quick and smaller than IE, and a lot more secure.