Using Coffee For Caffeine

I have heard and read that coffee can help athletic performance and even skill related sports training (better accuracy in skill work with soccer). Would it be bad for my body and cns if I take a cup of joe twice a day for Tues to Thurs and once a day for Saturday and Sunday? These are my training days. Or will this hurt me in the long run and I should only use it like once a week for one of my weekend games or something like that?

Drink some solid real espresso at the coffee shop before power sessions, why not. Healthy and improves performance.

Well I have roasted Ka’u coffee brewed (critics claim it to be the number one coffee in the world). Have you taken the espresso with milk or something? Does that affect your workout cause I know milk takes a long time to digest lol and I thought you don’t want food to be digesting while you are working out so that all the blood is focused on the workout and not in digesting your food.

And can this coffee be a regular thing? Can I take it twice a day for all my training days? (which would amount to 4 days straight from Tues to Friday) and once a day for Saturday and Sunday soccer games.

I hear a lot on either side of the fence with regards to coffee.

I feels its good - 2 a day seems fine with me.

Just watch out how soon before exercise. It can be a very good and getting you to a Toilet …

I’ll try it out and see if it makes a difference. I don’t want to be like dependent on it in the future though. I suppose 2 a day for 4 days straight and one a day for 2 days wouldn’t be that strong in being caffeine dependent? Like would I need to cycle it or anything to give my CNS a break? I was thinking I might buy some caffeine pills for convenience (I mainly want to get the caffeine as a stimulant rather than enjoying the coffee :p).

But also if caffeine affects my sleep then I suppose that negates the effect of a good sleep I would get for increased levels of energy and alertness so in the end it might be better to just not take the caffeine and get good sleep and that’s enough?

I agree that good sleep is more important, although have no science to back this up, I’m sure some studies may have been done on this, if not, there’s an area for research! I have read that other compounds contained in coffee interfere with the absorption/availability of the caffeine and in the article green tea was recommended instead. I don’t remember where I read that, so can’t give any more detail I’m afraid. However, I would say caffeine doesn’t affect me much unless I have a black americano from Costa, which supposedly has 6 times the caffeine content of Starbucks’ equivalent. Make of all that what you will!

I see how do you quite know how much caffeine truly affects you or not? I mean you might feel like it does not affect you but it does bind to sleep receptors and help you stay more awake and alert which would mean you won’t be able to have the best sleep as you can because of the sleep receptors being blocked in your brain so wouldn’t that mean there would be a less quality of sleep no matter how much caffeine you took and that would be detrimental to your recovery as sleep is the most important thing for recovery right?

I’m inclined to agree with you!

Dark chocolate from time to time can be an exception :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres a podcast interview with this one entrepreneur, dave asprey.

He spits out a tonne of info which for some, may be applicable to various aspects of the training regimes. He discusses about his coffee brand, salts, diet deficiencies, weightloss, cows and mold, various devices geared around neuro science.

There is another version of the podcast with footnotes.

Part 1 of podcast with footnotes
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