Looking into purchasing a multi vitamin and Usana looks to be very good. Of course it is more expensive than most. Opinions?

USANA is top notch for vitamins and minerals from a quality stand point but I believe their prices don’t match with their output. After doing blood work on athletes (mainly HS athletes that are D1 scholarship level and college football players) my feelings that Biotests ZMA, FROST, and a great diet should cover your needs. Add in the savings and you can get omegabrite fish oils and you are in a great position.

never heard of FROST. Is that a multi? I know loves Biotest as that is who pays them.

check out the FROST sub forum in the nutrition section, that should answer your questions about FROST.

Clemson, is ZMA generally needed for athletes under 18 since testosterone levels are already high? Is Optimum Nutrition’s zma formula nearly as good as biotest?

ZMA formulas should all be exactly alike as the amounts of Zinc, B and magnesium to make it effective need to be in proportion. look for one that has an “SNAC” label on it

No and Yes

No - I don’t think under 18’s need to supp with ZMA. Highly unlikely you need it once you’re eating right - but’s thats IMHO.
Test levels should be fine for all under 18’s.
I can’t give you any scientific data on that of course - but I doubt that anyone else can give to data to refute my argument.

Yes - Optimum Nutrition is SNAC approved. Simply means that they use the exact same formulae as SNAC does.

exact same cost? What is optimum providing besides product?

Highly unlikely you need it once you’re eating right

Agreed but that is why it is suggested to take Zinc when even nutrients inhibit the uptake of it! Add in doubles during the summer and we have problems.

In reality most don’t train hard (liveweak err live strong is an example of this.)

Fair point - but do you see no issues for U-18’s supplementing with ZMA?

Zinc, Magnesium, and B-6…I see more issues not taking it since Zinc research is so clear. Mixed diets are great for health put for high level performance? Many are doing wc workouts in swimming and other sports so why not wc nutrition?

Plus Biotest is cheaper than ON. Why not save 50 bucks a year?

I agree with you on the research.
And there is much out there on other elements too.
I’m just not so sure Test levels are something someone under 18 needs to worry about yet.

I hate seeing young guys (maybe not in this case) looking for supps to make up deficiencies in diets that look that they came from a 2nd rate bodybuilder.

Better training programs and basic nutrition are the corner stones rather than ZMA, Co-enyeme 10, Vit. E etc.

You’re right though about Biotest ZMA - what is it now 9.99 USD? Can’t beat that.

I’ve been using Usana’s multivitamins since i was a freshmen in highschool. While i don’t have a lot of scientific evidence to support me, I can tell you guys that they are my favorite multi-vitamin supplement. I’ve bounced around and used a lot of different types of vitamins (GNC, Vitamin Shop, CVS brand, Animal Pack) and nothing really makes me feel as good as the Usana vitamins do. When i take them i have so much more energy and my recovery rates are much better than when using another type of vitamin. So, Usana’s vitamins seem to work really great for me, but one of the other products these guys stated could work for you. I think it really comes down to exprimenting and finding out which supplement gives you the best results

I agree with you there (Liked it so much I now sell them). To add to your point I find my sleep wake cycle to be more consistent. And i haven’t been sick in going on 3 years! (knock on wood)