Usain Bolt takes London in 9.85 SB


Rank Athlete Nation Result Reaction time

1 BOLT Usain JAM 9.85 SB 0.175

2 RODGERS Michael USA 9.98 0.161

3 CARTER Nesta JAM 9.99 0.155

4 COLLINS Kim SKN 10.03 0.175

5 CHAMBERS Dwain GBR 10.10 0.130

6 SALAAM Rakieem USA 10.14 0.213

7 LEMAITRE Christophe FRA 10.23 0.204


Pretty meh race by Bolt’s standards. This is more or less the time I expected after national trials and since his biggest threat now is Justin Gatlin and Nesta Carter, I would say this race confirms what we already know is going to happen at Worlds. Given legal conditions within a normal range in Moscow (and no further disasters for the sport), Bolt is likely going to win the 100 in a 9.7x and win by at least .1 second. He would have been in serious trouble if Tyson were going to be there. This season has just been absolutely awful.