usain bolt strides-some part off japanese documentary(korea maybe?)

He gets to the 80m in 35 strides(knee raises) or 34 strides(foot contacts). Compare this with asafa and getting to 80m in 36 strides(knee raises) or 35 strides(foot contacts).

Comparing their 20m, it looks like they both get there in 12 strides(knee raises) or 11 strides(foot contacts).

For bolt he covers 20-80m in 23 strides which equals a 2.60m ‘stability stride length’.

For powell it was 20-80m in 24 strides which equals a 2.50m ‘stability stride length’.

Based on usains shape if I had to guess Id say it looks like this documentary is from 2011.

The asafa documentary was from early 2008 maybe.

-according to this video above, bolt is in with the masons(illuminati group aka ‘faction of powers that be’). I guess I’ll believe it, and thus believe bolt recently saying he’ll break his record. Ill say 9.4x 100m and 18.9x 200m, are only a matter of time, most probable possibility of 666 days lol.