Usain Bolt runs down Asafa Powell in Oslo

yeah, it’s a good run by both. Asaffa has increased his ability from 60m out to 80m by this race!
If Asaffa can extend with some more SE over the next 60days - he’ll be a major major force.

Maintain his 60m - and increase his SE till 110m - and Asaffa will win “at least be able to” (if he is also training for multiple rounds)

I’d argue that Bolt didn’t run down Powell. They seem pretty darn even throughout their acceleration phase when you look at the marks on the track. I think it’s just the original angle that makes it look like he’s playing catchup. Rather, they were essentially even until Bolt’s MaxV/Maintain took over.

It actually looks as though they’re evenly matched during acc. and infact their MaxV’s are similar, Asafa just didnt have the gas at 80-100m.

Be great to see him maintain through 100m, but from what we’re lead to believe Franno’s group does it’s hardly S-L

asafa is looking better… i think he accelerated faster than bolt thus reaching top speed faster thus leading to hanging on over the last 30m or so but it was close. love the shoes!

also i think asafa mentally knows that bolt will run him down same as what lewis would do so its always in his mind to get out and try to hang on rather than play bolt at his own game

It’s nice to see them running through the line too for once (or twice!).

Any technical criticisms? Is it just me or could Asafa tweak his arm mechanics a bit from 65m on. He looks a bit like he’s pawing down (internal thumb rotation as opposed to an ever so slight external thumb rotation) with his front-side arm mechanics. It looks like he’s getting ready to pull a trail leg through after hurdling.

I’d say the thread title is a bit of a misnomer as well.

The video shot from behind in the air shows that both Asafa and Usain are nearly even for ~70% of the race, at about 70-75m Bolt starts pulling away until they’re through the line. It seemed like Asafa visibly tightened up over his last 20m. Other than that, that’s the best race I’ve seen from Asafa in a while when there was another thoroughbred involved.

I enjoyed that. :slight_smile:

I have to say, though. the guy to the right of bolt looked pretty tiny… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve just done a quick search on that guy to the right of Bolt (Lerone Clarke) and could only find out his height at 5.10 but he does look more like low to mid 5ft. His pb is actually 9.99.