usain bolt DQed.... agree with me this was the worst 100 finals since 2003

Usain Bolt’s sensational disqualification is a black mark for International Athletics Federation
• Mike Hurst
• From:The Daily Telegraph
• August 30, 20118:17AM

It seems that every article that is getting written points the finger at track officials and/or the Federation instead of Bolt himself. Let’s assume it was Asafa who false started in the finals. Would we all be calling him a choker today? In the end, Usain Bolt false started. He did not even protest. There is no else to blame.

I don’t quite follow the argument that the rule is simply for TV. The false start by Chambers was never shown on TV. There were a few instances where NBC skipped to the “clean start” race during heats (omitting to show ones with false starts). If there is a delay in the broadcast, false starts don’t need to eat up air time. Obviously Bolt’s was more significant than just your basic DQ, so it caught some air.

As an ex starter (level A track) and ex coach (ATFCA level 4) I take my hat off to Usain Bolt, an athlete that put his hand up when he messed up instead of laying on the track and chucking a childish paddy. The rule was changed because of the so called games man ship of some athletes and their coaches (I’ll false start it may put XXXX off and I will win.

The thing I am most Pissed about is the stupid buzz used to start the races. Bring back the bang.

As you can see from the result of the men’s 400m final today, even this event can be decided at the start. Kirani James actually ran 0.1s slower than LaShawn Merrit, but Merrit spent 0.13s longer in his blocks.

I agree, use it or lose it.

Yeah Lashawn had an oddly slow reaction/start. He also ran what is the World Lead and what wouldve been the winning time in the heats (44.35)

He needs to do more mileage so he doesn’t get run down in the last 50m :slight_smile:

lol why is everyone slow this year in general

Next year is the Olympics…

I can’t believe what im reading in this thread!! Are you guys serious? Bolt false started on purpose? To avoid testing? B/c he knew he was gonna lose? WTF! You guys have lost it… Bolt would have won that race easily. I think its obvious from his 100m semi, the 200m final and his anchor on the 4x1 that he is in 9.6 shape. Bolt wouldve won the 100m going away probably in a 9.7x. And if he was trying to avoid testing how do you explain his gold medals in the 2 and 4x1? Maybe its just sensationalistic and emotional reactionary posting to his DQ, cuz all the posts seem to be from a week ago but you guys should probably exercise better judgement before spilling the contents of your innermost thoughts!

There is no way that Bolt would have run 9.7 in that same race that Blake won with 9.92. Also, watch that 100m semi final again and you’ll see Bolt go flat out for 80m and run 10.05.

You do realize he ran 19.40 days later?

Yes, but there aren’t any 0.82 10m splits in the 200m. His 200m speed endurance is not necessarily an indicator of excellent 100m speed endurance.

In Berlin (noting that the conditions were better than the -1.4 in Daegu) when he was in 9.58 shape he effectively ran 2 extra 100m (Round 1 and the Final). In Daegu he only had the fatigue from heats and semis. Also, in Berlin he had four rounds of the 200m as opposed to the 3 in Daegu. Despite the increased fatigue he still ran 19.19. I would argue that he was considerably fresher going into the 200m final in Daegu.

I’m not saying that Bolt wouldn’t have won the 100m, I’m just saying that he wouldn’t have run 9.7 into -1.4. It would have probably been within 0.05 between Bolt and Blake.

No but he hit at least a .86 on the curve :slight_smile:

I agree in general though.

In this scenario Blake’s time is taken as a given. With Bolt running next to him, nothing is a given…

Do you reckon we’ll get to see Bolt versus Blake anytime soon?

Powell is running in Zurich … obviously his “injury” completely healed during the WC and he will now run 9.7x or 9.8x … this man needs serious psychological help … I’m sick of his no shows in majors!

He faded badly before jogging the last bit to run a slow time. I think it’s clear he was injured.

He gives up so readily anytime anyone gets within 2 feet of him…I think shutting down under pressure is the most ingrained technique that he has at his disposal.

Why run? Why risk possible further injury? Why take another psychological beating? I’m confused by his actions… Granted he might not have been fit enough to run the rounds in Deagu…but he had nothing to gain by coming back for Zurich yesterday. The main event is over and you missed out…let it be and come back stronger for 2012.