usain bolt DQed.... agree with me this was the worst 100 finals since 2003

just watched it over again… wow this looks like he absolutely WANTED to be DQed. like it wasnt even close to the gun…

We can only speculate. He is far too polished a sprinter to do something like this. Remember in 1988 when they called Ben for a false start in the semis? It wasn’t actually a false start, but a great reaction. In the next start, Ben held back and then caught everyone mid-race and blew by them. Bolt’s situation is far different. He could have done the same thing – held back in the blocks and still have qualified easily.

My thought is that he didn’t want to run that race. Why? Who knows. Perhaps there is so much pressure for him to produce World Record performances, he’d rather wait until 2012. But, as everyone has commented, he was a run away favourite to win. Maybe he didn’t want to win like that (with Powell and Gay out). Then, there are the sinister scenarios that we won’t discuss.

But it certainly has tarnished the marquee event at the WC’s.

ya this seems like the most likely scenario. It probably went like this in this head:

False start/DQed and not have to run and produce a subpar performance


Get a very unlikely flyers and pull off a good time due to that

I just watched it again and there is no way that was intentional. In my opinion, he was trying to anticipate the gun… He was that anxious.

What about two FS in 400m women race? And it’s just semis. I think Bolt wanted to focused on acceleration part a lot and it just happened…

Am I the only one who thinks he is using a new technique. The only time he hits triple extension is in deceleration.

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Everyone who landed in Daegu was blood tested.


getting back to the initial topic, when christie was DQ in atlanta 96 he put up a fight immediatley and same with drummond. they protested right there on the spot and didnt move until they were told to leave- period. bolt today did neither and michael johnson stated this within seconds of it happening. im reading different reports now stating bizarre things from staging the DQ,betting involved against bolt etc bizarre but will we ever find out what really happened!

You guys are looking into this too much - the guy had a average start in semi - I’m sure he was trying to get the start he had earlier. Move on to the 200!!!

Well stated,RB34.

I did watch the race, but I had a look at the youtube video.

It appears to be staged. Maybe I am wrong, but also the reaction after it, immediately taking off the shirt, I don’t know, it does not seem natural. And this was not an anticipation, it was 30 minutes before.

Why Bolt needed to react like Christie or Drummond? He knew exactly that he FS and he would have looked like an idiot if he tried to complain with officials. If it was staged why he didn’t decide just to make slight move like Chambers did after command “set”? It would look more convincing for people who think it was staged.

Because there is the risk that one won’t get disqualified for that. It would be bad if the rest of the field is off and he’s stuck in the blocks. A disqualification (especially thanks to the reaction that has followed) makes it look as if Bolt could have won with a world record if ‘they’ had let him run. Him twitching and being left in the blocks with no false start just makes him look bad as an athlete and it is more difficult to explain to the masses.

Maybe he didn’t bother arguing and complaining with the officials because he is Bolt and therefore, like we saw in New York with Felix, could have gotten away with a green card and then what would he do if indeed he didn’t want to run for whatever reason. If we are to believe that this is staged then he only got one shot at it and the safest and most plausible way was to start normally albeit well well before the gun has gone off.

Reading earlier posts, I do see how this is a good way for Blake to win without Bolt losing.

Agreed! He acted like anyone who screwed up would have acted.

there was really no point in running this race for him.

no asafa, no tyson, and so on and so forth.

a world record probably wasn’t coming because most of the races had headwinds. plus he has had a mediocre year leading up to the WC.

great opportunity to protest against the new rule, plus like someone said, maybe there was some sports betting behind the scenes, that could really benefit the racers track club.

that’s my take on it.

You guys are amazing.

What happened was going to happen eventually once that stupid No False Start rule went down.

I hope that this regrettable episode can get that rule killed in time for London.

From Tyson’s twitter:

the wink was for kim collins caus people seem to call him old but his legs look young to me

Very happy for Kim.

RB34, it’s perfectly reasonable. Now, the speculations going on now in this thread are sometimes out of this world and I don’t care about why etc., but I looked another time at the run and I think Usain is a bad actor. I know everyone at the end of the run thanks god, partners, children, everyone wants to end war and poverty and so we don’t know why everyone is still going on, but believing that it is pretty naive. Points: he started half an hour earlier (if you are not good at staging things you do something like that), he took off the shirt after 1 seconds (first thing you think about, no?), the look on his face, the pic of one of the other finalist next to him smiling one sec after the bad start. Bad actors when they want to act are just bad. So, I’m with N2.
It’s of course unnecessary to write that maybe I’m totally wrong.