usain bolt cossack dance move

I actually had a buddy back in high school who ran 11.1x and 22.1x on a concrete track, whom did ukrainian group dancing. He was short as well(5’4" maybe 5’5") and could perform the same cossack move bolt does above. This guy was an extreme lil dude…in gym class we’d be lounging around, nect thing he’d take his shoes off and start up that cossack crouching piston dance move…or we’d be outdoors on the football field, next thing you know he’d be busting 40m sprints, barefoot on the asphalt track(very fast cadence like 4.5 strides/second but muscled at the same time)

Russian army dance moves -

The crouching piston at around 60 seconds, dude did it for about 30 seconds, some endurance there.

The crouching VMO hops at 2:30