Usain Bolt.... 9.76

The way he ran it was amasing. It created perception that the 100m looked too short for him. He seemed to be in accelerating phase as he was going through the finish :slight_smile:

Something else I want to point out - Gay vs Bolt now is 0.05 difference in combined 100+200m run times of all time!

And he has not run the 200m this season yet! :eek:

I can’t see Bolt running faster than that in the 1 this year but time will tell.

Hmmm, conditions were just about ideal, but I don’t know. I think we will know a lot more after he runs a couple more races, it will demonstrate his consistency etc.

No “anybody” can’t pop off good time once. Thats the second fastest time in history, don’t be so nieve about it. Yes your correct that he might not ever do it again, but your comment was rediculous in stating that anybody can run a big time.

like i said do it more then once, stop getting ur panties all bunched up bc a guy bust one big time.:cool: its true that anyone can bust a big time once based on there own ability levels… for example “austin h” has a 11.9 pr in the 100 you have the ability to bust a 11.1.

im sorry, how many people have the abilty to run 9.76? its not like were talking about 9.85.

Exactly - I can think of three right now if they’re healthy and in shape, which is the most competitive the 100m has been that I can think of.

Powell, Bolt, and Gay (though he hasn’t done it with a legal wind).

I see im talking to a brick head, i said above “based on each athlete ability level”; any athlete can bust a fast time “BASED ON THERE ABILITY LEVEL”.

Are we really being serious? Objective? Are you all even remotely aware of what is required to run 9.76 under any circumstance? No top athlete, past or present, nor anyone who has closely followed performance curves would casually make such remarks. Such a perspective seems disrespectful and highly unfortunate.

yeah… im the brickhead here. almost no one has the ability levels to run 9.76, which is why everyones excited. time will tell if hell pull a fasuba, but 9.76 is a big deal no matter who does it, youd be a fool to think otherwise.

Can anyone tell me what was Bolt’s “ability level” before this race? 10 flat maybe?

But 9.76 NO ONE, not even him expected even under ideal conditions.

So if we go by the above statement (anyone’s ability level) and if the wind is 2m/s, and if Bolt runs in his peak, what is Bolt’s true “ability level”? Does anyone know? Does Bolt know? 9.4?

I mean if he could drop 0.25 in a single race can it be double or nothing in the next one? :slight_smile:

Crystal ball please :slight_smile:

My crystal ball says 9.91 tightening trying to do too much next race given average conditions 0-1 for the wind and a decent temperature. Also barring injury, should be interesting to see how his camp proceeds with him from here after such a massive pr. (Also given he runs another 100 in the near future and noting that would still be his 2nd fastest time)

As we all understand, there is potential and there is results. This sport and this coaching game is about matching up the two. Bolt must always have had the potential to go 9.76 - just like Bob Beamon always had the potential to jump what he did back in '68.

Where to now? is the big question for coach Mills and his lightning Bolt. It’s mid-May. They need to be going 9.7s in mid-August. It will be very interesting to see how they manage the performance pathway between now and then.

:smiley: Right. How do we know that this isn’t just a warm up for sluggish 9.4s in August?

Joke aside, it seems that everyone is excited as we have now three horses instead only two. This, third horse seems to be a very confident and cocky (when running) young fella. Personally, he is my favorite in the 200m.

London’s Independent newspaper

By Mike Rowbottom
Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Usain Bolt, who produced a time of 9.76 seconds, the second fastest ever run, in only his third 100 metres race at the weekend, could meet the world champion Tyson Gay in New York at the end of this month.

The 21-year-old Jamaican, best known as a 200m runner, is still unsure whether he will compete over the shorter sprint at this summer’s Olympics despite clocking a time just 0.02sec outside the world record held by his compatriot Asafa Powell, who is expected to be out of action for a couple of months after pulling a chest muscle.

But Bolt, after his outstanding performance at the Jamaica International meeting in Kingston, is planning two more 100m races within the next month, the first in Trinidad on 18 May, the other scheduled for either of the Golden League meetings in Berlin on 1 June, Oslo on 6 June or for New York, where Gay is expected to run.

Gay clocked a wind-assisted 9.76sec in New York last year and has indicated that he wants to follow the same schedule as he did in his 2007 run-up to the 100 and 200 metres world titles. Bolt, who finished second to Gay in last year’s world championship 200m, said he had spoken briefly to the American after they ran separate events in Jamaica. “He told me congratulations,” Bolt said. “I told him I wanted to defeat him. Told him to watch out in the 200. I said I was definitely looking forward to a showdown.”

Bolt, whose previous 100m best was 10.03sec, said his performance in Kingston was unexpected, but steered clear of predicting he would break Powell’s record. “I am not worried about that right now,” he said. “I really don’t know how fast I can run the 100.”

*Mo Farah produced the fastest 10,000m performance by a Briton for eight years on Sunday, finishing fifth in the Stanford Cardinal Invitation meeting. Farah, making his 10,000m debut, clocked 27min 44.54sec, last bettered by Karl Keska’s 27:44.09sec for eighth place in the 2000 Olympic final.

I’ve watched that 9.76 at least 30 times and I suspect he could of gone 9.72 if he didn’t ease up.

And if dips - from that height - he goes sub 7.7 :stuck_out_tongue:

How tall is he 6’6?

196cm and 86kg were the stats for him listed in Athletics 2007 … 6ft 5in according to the T&FN Big Green Book conversion charts. He must be the tallest world class 100m runner ever? Certainly the tallest sub-10 performer ever.

It’s almost 1/4" above 6’5 if the 196 is accurate.