USAIN BOLT!!! 45.35 20.25

45.35 20.25
this kid is 16 mannn!!! jamaica h.s. championships…

20.43 with a -1.1 wind converts to a 20.14.

C.F.P.I. Timing & Data
32nd Carifta Games in Trinidad & Tobago - 4/19/2003 to 4/21/2003
Sponsors RBTT, National Gas Co., Guardian LTD
Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain, T&T

Event 35 Boys 200 Meter Dash Under 20

 Carifta: C 20.48  1997        Roy Bayley, Jamaica               
Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind

1 Bolt, Usain Jamaica 20.43C -1.1
2 Bailey, Daniel Antigua & Barbuda 21.10 -1.1
3 Durant, Adrian U. S. V. I. 21.14 -1.1
4 Martina, Churandy Nederlands Antilles 21.33 -1.1
5 Nicely, Orain Jamaica 21.40 -1.1
6 Mitchell, Jacobi Bahamas 21.59 -1.1
7 Bertho, Derissaint French Guyane 21.81 -1.1
8 Alerte, David Martinique 27.86 -

He’s running roughly the same times as Francis Obikwelu did at that age – just a tad faster a tad earlier.

Boys 200 Meter Dash Under 20

8 Advance: Top 2 Each Heat plus Next 2 Best Times
Carifta: C 20.48 1997 Roy Bayley, Jamaica
Name Year Team Prelims Wind H#

1 73 Bolt, Usain Jamaica 21.02Q 5.0 2
2 427 Durant, Adrian U. S. V. I. 21.03Q 3.4 3
3 74 Nicely, Orain Jamaica 21.52Q 1.1 1
4 161 Alerte, David Martinique 21.17Q 3.4 3
5 181 Bailey, Daniel A & B 21.19Q 5.0 2
6 235 Bertho, Derissaint F. Guyane 21.66Q 1.1 1
7 365 Martina, Churandy Ned. Ant. 21.22q 3.4 3
8 286 Mitchell, Jacobi Bahamas 21.25q 3.4 3
9 422 Forbes, Darian T. & Caicos 21.33 3.4 3
10 316 Gooding, Justin Barbados 21.43 5.0 2
11 5 Straker, Kevin T. & T. 21.67 5.0 2
12 315 Hinds, Andrew Barbados 21.77 1.1 1
13 367 Mariano, Brian Ned. Ant. 21.82 1.1 1
14 403 Mitchell, Andon Grenada 21.83 3.4 3
15 223 Ralph, Abassy St. Vincent 22.47 1.1 1
16 224 Bascombe, Curtney St. Vincent 22.55 5.0 2
17 351 Granchamps, Ted Haiti 22.60 1.1 1
18 287 Sawyer, Tyrone Bahamas 22.63 5.0 2
19 142 Negrit, Jessy Guadeloupe 22.67 1.1 1
20 232 Brooks, Kahalid Anguilla 22.75 5.0 2
21 425 Griffith, Bjorn T. & Caicos 23.13 5.0 2

Here is the latest from the -
32nd Carifta Games in Trinidad & Tobago

Boys 400 Meter Dash Under 20

8 Advance: Top 3 Each Heat plus Next 2 Best Times
Carifta: C 46.51 2001 Damion Barry, Trinidad & Tobago
Name Year Team Prelims H#

1 6 James, Jamil T. & T. 48.19Q 2
2 288 Bain, Andretti Bahamas 48.44Q 1
3 73 Bolt, Usain Jamaica 48.64Q 1
4 75 Brown, Mellard Jamaica 48.84Q 2
5 405 Fredrick, Leslie Grenada 49.46Q 1
6 404 Hall, Leon Grenada 49.52Q 2
7 210 Fahie, Kevin Bvi 49.77q 2
8 4 Pile, Joel T. & T. 49.90q 1
9 198 Burton, Andre’ C. Island 51.12 1
10 224 Bascombe, Curtney St. Vincent 52.56 1
11 289 Rolle, Rimardo Bahamas 53.15 2

Boys 400 Meter Dash Under 20

 Carifta: C 46.51  2001        Damion Barry, Trinidad & Tobago             
Name                    Year Team                    Finals 

1 73 Bolt, Usain Jamaica 46.35C
2 6 James, Jamil T. & T. 47.34
3 288 Bain, Andretti Bahamas 47.39
4 75 Brown, Mellard Jamaica 47.61
5 210 Fahie, Kevin Bvi 49.13
6 405 Fredrick, Leslie Grenada 49.59
7 404 Hall, Leon Grenada 49.87

looks like he might have taken down the world age group records for his age. Would i like to see the look on obea moore’s face!!!


do u have a link for the results?

I guess the [i’m dumb] thing was lost in the upgrade.
All forum members who have always wanted to let the expletives fly on the forum, here’s your chance!

Usain is crazy fast.

Also at the Highschool champs. Tesfa Latty ran 10.24(1.1 wind).

In this picture I’m posting, Tesfa Latty is the one In the middle. This meet was ran at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica.

I’m so Proud to be Jamaican :smiley:

Here’s a pic of Usain from last yrs World Juniors. At this pt. he was only running mere 20.5’s/20.6’s!:smiley:

hes 6’5"

im guessing this contradicts the overall hypothesis that taller runners see imrpvement quicker than shorter ones.

i want to be that tall but more for basketball purposes. So i can still be tall and still be fast thats reassuring.


Results will be available when the timing crew returns to the US April 7th:

Originally posted by Tom Green
Results will be available when the timing crew returns to the US April 7th:

Thanks Tom!

WOW :o

how does that dude train?!

Anyone know his records in 60m and 100 m?

heres a post that somone made somewhere else that will give everyone insight on how special this kid really is…

Before champs 2003, all the experts said Bolt could not beat Gonzales over the 400M, because he would never put in the work to have the kind of background to run a low 45 plus race he would need to beat JG.

I certainly agreed with the theory until I saw Bolt’s 200M heats (20.81) and Semi finals (21.2). The man/child was merely jogging and was posting those fantastic times. A lot of us realized then, that Bolt would underachieve if he ran less than a low 45 plus.

Conditions for the 400M race

There was little or no wind, but the track was very wet, because rain had just stopped a couple of races before. In fact, the CIII 400M were run before the rain abated.

I am sure all the the runners were running in wet socks,spikes etc. These semm to be less than ideal conditions.

I hope Franno, Hubert etc will tell us if the conditions (wind,wet spikes,socks) were ideal or less than ideal for running fast times.

The 400M Race

Bolt was drawn in lane 6, JG in 4 and Myers in 3

As soon as the race begun, we knew that Bolt wanted this race even more than the WJG 200M title. I guess he was tired of being told he would never beat JG over 400M.

That easy relaxed jogging style, took him further and further away from the field, and at 280M, had a big lead. JG and Myers tried to respond and regrettably JG pulled.

Bolt then went into his drive phase half expecting to be challenged by JG. At 360M, he took a quick look around and realized he was all alone. HE THEN SHUT OFF THE ENGINE and started his celebration.

That race made believers off all the doubters of Bolt’s 400M prowess. Not one person in the stadium believed that a healthy JG could have beaten him. If Bolt had run through the tape, he would have run mid 44’s.

This race however, was not about setting records , this race was about accepting the challenge and putting the doubters in their place.

The 200M Race

This race in contrast, was not about winning. That was never in doubt.

This one was about giving the spectators something to talk about and throwing out the old record book.

The tall one, running again out of lane 6, covered the guys in front of him quickly and went all out. There was no “easing up” here. The “chosen one” ran all the way throught the tape, the first time I have ever seen Bolt do this. The stadium was in shock. Again, the foreign coaches had their hands on their heads. The exhibition of medium and long sprinting was a wonder to be hold.

Michael Johnson should be having nightmares!

the results are on go to the track and field link.The kid looked like he good have gone faster in both the 200 meters and the 400 meters.

I would like to see Darrel Brown and Usain Bolt put on a show in the 100!!! A match of the century between two of the greatest junior sprinters in history!!!