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2012 U.S. Olympic trials Men’s 400m FINAL …Wariner :stuck_out_tongue:


100m Men


100m Women


My money is on gay beating gat during the Olympics. I hope but I don’t see him holding that form all the way thru. Gat has had a long season, while gay, after 4 races is already dropping 9.8.

“Since they both finished 3rd, send both packing for home.”

I am quoting this person above commenting on Felix and Tarmoh at the US trials having a tie for 3rd. I find it fascinating how most people have no concept into what goes into one race at this level. One minute you are training 24/7 and dreaming of a birth onto your first Olympic team and the next minute a coin toss may determine a very large step towards your athletic future. I think it was really great that the officials are giving these woman a choice on how to best determine their fate. Bobby supported the ideal that no choice be made until each woman had their 200 m race out of the way. Ideally each athlete will go to the Olympics providing they do their job in the 200 meters. It is a crazy notion that either of these woman have worked this hard for so long and one might be staying at home watching the London Games on the tele. I really hope this goes well for these woman.

“send both to the Olympics - 1 can be an alternate and also run on the relay. The runoff should only decide 3rd for the 100 meter.”

This was the other comment on the CBC feed I read about the woman’s 100 meter race. It’s good to see someone so thoughtful about what has happened compared to the previous moron who likely has never had a dream.

So much respect for gay, excellent commitment

I still calling Gatling to medal but now I’m gonna say possibly both these guys will medal… But at the cost of who?

I don’t agree, unless gat steps back I think he will be burnt. Full indoor with championships plus all this outdoor to the Olympics. He has ran about 30 times already. How much more can the body take? I don’t see him holding gay off much longer. Gay will fly pass him in the next few weeks.

I agree, face off! Let them battle it out, unless after Felix more than likely wins or just make the team in the 200 she let’s her teammate have it. Jeneba doesn’t have much of a shot in the 200. Either let her go or have a run off.

I was impressed with Gay. I think he will improve greater than Gatlin, but will it be enough to run faster than Gatlin. I thinkk he will, but time will tell

I hope Gay can get it together for the olympics but Gatlin has always showed up and done well at the major championships

No love for the Pacific Northwests (Salem, Oregon) Ryan Bailey?.. The crowd sure roared when he finished 3rd in the 100m finals!

For my daughters 15th birthday, I bought tickets for yesterdays, day 3 of the Trials (she wanted to see the 400m races so bad)

I drove the 300+ miles to Hayward Field and had a great day.

Very impressive watching Sanya Richards-Ross handily win the 400m…and setting an Olympic trial record in doing so!

A couple pictures my daughter took…

This was a very impressionable event for my daughter…

second picture that wouldn’t stay on my post above…mens 400m start…

We got home late last night…around 1am…

Good job man - must have been fun for both of you. I was going to drive to Edmonton for the Donovan Bailey International, but I got sick just before I was going to leave.

Wow! Now that is a drive! I bet it would have been a beautiful drive and quite enjoyable if you took your time, like a couple days. Looks like quite the event too, sorry you couldn’t make it.

Hope you weren’t too sick and all is well now?