US Indoors

I have been searching, but haven´t found any posts with comments re: US indoors results. Sorry if this is already being discussed.

Being in Europe, I feel out of the loop as to what is happening in North America. We have great TV coverage of the Euro Indoor meets, but not alot from across the Atlantic.

As a ex-hurdler (maybe ex-wannabe is a better description!) I am VERY impressed by Terrence Trammell - 2nd in the 60mH, and then 30 minutes later 2nd in the 60m! Especially in the US!

Carson, I agree with you. I know many hurdle coaches don’t want their elite high hurdlers to run flat races for fear of disrupting their rhythm. No apparent problem for Trammell. To think that he was on the same high school team with Angelo Taylor in Atlanta. I think they were one year apart.

trammell is a great athlete, i saw him run in h.s. and college.
i remember one race in h.s. where he raised his arm before finish, a la ben johnson. it was an awesome display. i think the time was under 13.50 if im not mistaken

To bad for coby, hopefully next year he can win the 60m.

trammel is pretty damn good. over 60m that is… He always runs good 60m but look when he goes outside…Garcia, and Johnson destroy him…

I hope he can continue all this over an entire 110 m hurdle race.

And about trammel putting his hands up. I like that. when they have enough confidence to display that.

But know one will beat Ben’s one hand in the air showing everyone who was #1.

The reason why there is no comment about US indoors is that the majority are Trevor Graham haters, and Gatlin sent shock waves into their brains. However, when they recover, they will all say that Gatlin has supreme talent.

While on the issue of talent. Which person who runs fast does not have talent? I know the coach of a sprinter named Asafa Powell who has run 10.12 and he is younger than Gatlin. Most would say that Gatlin is more talented than Powell. Why? Because he has run faster! What if Powell runs 9.85 this year, then decides to move to Trevor Graham? Has he still gotten a talented guy? Why didn’t you all think he was talented last year this time?

Talent is only ascribed to those who have performed well in the past. The idea that Trevor Graham gets talented athletes is a non issue. All coaches who get good results have talented athletes.

Maybe what you should be said that he gets athletes with “proven talent”. This does not mean however that they are more talented than those you have never heard of.

Good point. This is the universal arguement for and against coaches, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating! (That goes for crow too!)

In response to the “Graham Haters” comment, I dont think that we are hating on anyone out of jealousy. The posts are not personal in nature and deal with specific statements or issues that are made. For one, I like Charlie’s method about elite coaching. Dont talk about it to the media or to anyone else. Let the agents do the bragging. Pioneer has a great example of what we are discussing that can shed some light on this.

Clappadread I agree with you about Asafa, he is a very talented youth. His brother was no joke either. Clappa, are you from yard?

DIdnt coby get out on leanard milles mills who ran 9.92 to win the ncaa’s one year. I think he has the most talent out of any of them. His form is all over the place.

For those who would question why MJ would leave Graham-how about no p.r.'s in the 100 since Sept. 98. That’s four full seasons of running slower times since setting a p.r. What is this Reverse Periodization? Admittedly, the 100 p.r. was set at altitude in South Africa but nothing all that close and then, of course, the disaster of mishandling the training and technique of an individual who should be(imho) the first female 25 ft. lj’er in track and field history who was instead jumping high 22-low 23 ft. How does he deal with that ineffectiveness but to talk her out of even doing the event for some time. That’s awful-get somebody who can help and don’t put someone’s athletic career on hold-this goes along with the recent statements regarding successful people(coaches) surrounding themselves with other successful people-if there is someone who can do a better job with a particular aspect then bring them in. I’d really like to go on about what really happened to help TM achieve the w.r.(at least somewhat) without public disclosure but I can’t. Some of you here know what I mean. If some poor coaches can fool one or two talented people into their camp and not absolutely destroy them and in some cases actually achieve decent results they might be able to lure others. I think this is true especially in the case of post-collegiate athletes where opportunities are more limited.