US Bobsled Tryouts

I am going to try out just for fun.

So far my schdule will be Tu Th Sat. for speed and wieghts.


Jogged half mile. Striding the last 100m of every lap.
Active stretching
Core work
balance exersices
Drills As Bs quick feet walking high knees
10 med ball accels w/4kg ball (I need to post a video for these. They dont feel right. Maybe someone can give me some feed back?)
cool down stretch

No time for weghts yesterday so, I will do them today.

Warm up

Tempo runs

12x100m in about 18 sec 30 sec rest

stretching afterwards

Did core and wieghts earlier in the day


Warm up
Drills (A’s B’s pull throughs,quickstep, walking high knees)
10x20m medball accels


Warm up
medball runs 6x20m
4x30m (4.3,4.2,4.1,4.1)
stretch (static)

When is your tryout or camp?

these are the dates. I hope I can make the cut off (3.8 30m and 29" vert)

Smith Town Long Island, NY August 14

*Albany, NY August 29

*Orlando, Florida September 4

*Plattsburgh, NY September 18

*Oswego, NY TBA

I doubt they willl be timin FAT. With a 3.8 FAT I would be sprinting with the big dawgs!!!


Warm up
Active and Dynamic Stretching
Drills (As,Bs Quick feet, Walking As) 2x20m
Stick drills (did a few but I felt like I was trying to hard so I stopped)5x20m
Med ball accels 5x20m (felt ok but still feel sluggish)
Accels from push up position 3x20m (stopped after I started to struggle)

Still feeling like im trying to go fast instead feeling the “flow”…


AM: Wieghts 3x10-12 (3/1/3 tempo)
WU Static stretching (realized my hip flexors are tight as hell. Prob keeping me from getting a full hip extension/full glut contraction when sprinting. Need to fix that)

Core: 2x20 each

reverse hypers
ball crunch
ball cobras
rev crunch on bench

Legs and Back

single leg romainian DL with a 40 lb DB.
single leg squats with DB

Bent over rows
straight arm pull downs w/cable
pull downs


Stretch (dynamic)
Drills 2x20m (As, Bs, Walking high knees, quick feet)
med ball throws 8x20m

(felt sluggish on the grass doing these. I noticed that I drop my trail leg on the start close to my lead leg :confused: stregnth is low perhaps?)

Stick drills I know these arent the best but I did some any way

5m run up 12 sticks 5.5 feet apart. Felt smooth and fast this time

1 lap cool down


Just ran today.

Warm up
Drills 3x40 m (starting to feel eaiser)
4x20m runs(just did these out of curiosity)
8x20 med ball throws
8x~30m hills (fast)
3x30m flat (I felt like taking the hill work to the track)

Pretty tired. I think Im not going to time myself for a while or at least until I feel really strong.

Need more tempo! Been neglecting it.





Cleans from blocks
pulls from floor
Single leg DLs

3x25 of 4 exercises (2back 2 abs)

Left out eccentric hamsting work


8 med ball accels 20m
8 80m ins outs (20m fast 20m easy 20m fast)
8 20m hills fast

Still kinda weak on hills. Med balls were not as good as last work out. I think my glutes are still kind of weak ( I dont feel a good contraction yet) Maybe EMS?

took some SNAC ZMA before bed. Not sure if it was my mind or cuz it was late and I was beat but I slept like a baby after I took it :slight_smile:

Sore upper traps from pulls. calf were i tore my achilies tendon is still kind a weak (EMS?)


Warm up on tread mill
static stretching
chest (body building style for wifey :wink: )


Warm up

Drills 3x20m

A skips
walking As
quick step

8x20m fast + 20m maintain -all around 5.xx for 40m- the first 20m were 2 high to 3 low (2.9-3.2) the last 20m were in about 2 low (2.1 to 2.3)

Hills 4x30 very steep and as fast as possible.



single leg DL

Warm up

Drills 3x20m

A skips
walking As
quick step

8x20m fast 20m coast 20m fast.

Cool down stretch

Warm up

Drills 3x20m

A skips
walking As
quick step

~20 jumps touching the bottom of a football goal post (rested in between jumps)

6x30m-very disapointing I wanted to break 4 sec but it did not happen. I started to huff and puff and try real hard and got slower (too much struggle not enough flow) I just stopped and called it a night w/the 30m

I started playing with the distances tried a 2x20m from standing 2.98 and 3.03 (from falling start)

Cool down w/ 800m and stretching

Need to get more organized w/trainig. HOPEFULLY if I get my GPP dvd I can put together a better training scheme…

squats (full squats) 3 sets of 5@150 5@185 5@210
lunges (deep) 3 sets of 35lb dbs x5 reps each leg then 40lb db
squats /push press (could not do these to save my life) so I stopped and tried it with a body bar.

Do you have to try out for all these dates, or simply one? I assume the ladder.

I dont have to but I was considering it since I live in NY. I dont think Im going to make the 3.8 for the 30m cut off. Im still at 4.1. I’ll keep at it maybe if I relax and keep training it will happen.

Taking 2 weeks off. I got a cortisone shot in my arch. Still going to keep lifting. No pain so far but we’ll see.

lifting for now until GPP in Sept or Oct.

day one:
3x3 of
2 board bench
Chambered bar press (at a lighter wieght)

day two:
squat 2x5
paused squat 2x5
single/straight leg DLs

day three:
CG bench
incline db press

day four:
lats (pull ups and rows)

I will do this until i see my max pounds increase and when i start the GPP i will start more OL type lifting. I will continue the sprint work in a week.