Upper hamstring pain

i’ve been experiencing upper hamstring pain for about 3-4 weeks now. I can’t run like this, whenever I run i feel the pain there and my knee lift is very poor. After my warm up i still feel it and i have to sprint a couple of times to not feel it anymore.
I can do squats without pain, but when doing deadlifts and hypers the pain is too agonizing. I’ve tried tennis ball massage on the area and it’s a temporarily relief… i don’t know what’s going on.

Any of you have experienced this or could help me out?

sounds like muscle spasms/knotts
perhaps also hip mobility issue, re hip flexors and thighs

book in for a sports massage, or three

3 weeks later and the pain is still there. When i stand up from sitting it hurts too.
I’m going to do a deep tissue massage tomorrow and then stretch, hip mobility etc… hope it will go away ASAP, the outdoor season is nearby

Is it right up where the hamstring attaches to the bone?

Try accupuncture, avoid sitting, don’t stretch or massage. See if it settles down. You might be aggravating it…

Yes it is hornblower.

Here more details about my problem.

* How long has this been going on? 1,5 months
* What makes it worse? Standing up after sitting for a long time, back hypers, sprinting, stretching
* What makes it better? No idea, if anything maybe Hip mobility
* What is your exercise routine like? see journal http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?22147-Relentless-Ambition

  • How many days a week do you exercise? 5
    * Do you sit as a desk job? I do sit a lot during the day
    * How is your mobility? Not great, especially the hips
    * Have you had any injuries? I’ve had a lower oblique during 6 months but the chiro removed scar tissue and now i don’t feel anything
    * Have you tried anything to help this? (Chiro, PT, Rest) chiro and rest

I have continuing issues with a similar description to yours. physios and chiros never helped me with it. over the years I have come up with some ways that allow me to manage it so that it does not surface as too much of a limiting factor. avoiding aggravating it seems to be the best approach as there is little I have found will work to make it go away once it sets in.

here’s what has worked for me:

  • avoid sitting as much as possible after training
  • avoid sitting on any hard surface at all times
  • do not over stretch the area during recovery (24-48 hours)
  • do not stretch for long durations
  • accupuncture will help if it is aggravated
  • keep the leg straight at the hip as much as possible during recovery

there are probably more little rules that I can’t think of right now. I’ll post em if I think of them…

I’m having similar issues. With me it is my L4-L5-S1 that are the problem. The pain in the hammys is referred. That’s with me…the problem with you could be completely different.

I came back into this thread to add a comment about the possibility of a lower back problem being part of the cause, so I kind of agree with herb. I have also had it explained that sometimes tight hamstrings are what pulls the lower back out, so cause and effect are not easy to determine. It’s best to treat both aspects, but I have personally had better results from focusing mainly on the hamstring tendon.

Also, try liquid glucosamine…

Is liquid necessary? Cause I have GLC capsules here

I tried other forms that are cheaper but they didn’t do anything. As soon as I went back to liquid the pain would go away again. I don’t know the science behind it, but that’s my experience…

I don’t know how to explain in Only words - most people need visual aids to understand.
Majority of people suffer hammie issues due to either hip alignment issues or stemming from Poor feet alignment.

L4/L5 issues typically are where the Hip flexors originate from One area. If they are tight (so many peoples are it’s insane) then guess what, the L4/L5 are gets Pulled /Forward in the direction of the tightness, the hips rotate so the Front of the hips are pulled Downwards (there are proper names, but most don’t understand - I’ll talk in basic language yeah?) As the hips are pulled from the front Downwards, the Rear of the hips are Pulled Upwards - this puts immense strain on the hammies, esp near the Upper edge, tendon area of the hammie.

Remove the cause of the hip alignment (in sooooo many cases it’s the hip flexor group) and you start tackling the root cause of the problems, and issues such as tight and or sore hammies starts to go away.