Update on my current training

Took a short hiatus at the beginning of the year to refresh the system and also try some new things out.

For a few weeks here has been the pattern:

Monday: max v + accel (fly ins, EFE, starts) I want to eventually get to FEF once I am capable of effectively accelerating from 20-40. I have not been doing weights since the end of last year and I feel much looser doing plyos. Example from last week, 4x25m fly from 30m BU 5-6min, 4 x EFE (20m) 5min, 4x25m 4-5min

Wednesday: Long SE. Example, last weeks session was 2x5x120 3-4min/10min. @15.5s. Thoughts on pace, volume, and etc.?? I am not sure the exact percent intensity as I don’t exactly know where I am at, but I am sure that is constantly changing anyways as I’m no elite athlete.

Friday: 4xEFE then short SE, which last week was 2x5x60 3min/8min @7.9s. These feel very relaxed and very technical, which I can also say the same about wednesday’s efforts.

I am thinking for this wednesday session coming up I will go to 8x150m @ 19.3 pace (I calculated that pace based on the 120s @15.5 = 7.74m/s. and so 150/7.74 = 19.38. Does this sound OK?) I feel like maintaining this volume for probably a month. For Friday, I am thinking about keeping the workout the same for a few weeks (again, since I am coming of a break and I want to stabilize things first before trying to really run fast)

Suggestions? Ideas on progressions? Is the volume appropriate? For those of you who don’t know, I want to eventually be able to run 11 low. I would be happy opening up at 11 mid in april. What is hard for me is finding appropriate volume for the intensity I am at. Again, part of the problem is that I don’t know my ‘potential’ right now since I haven’t raced in quite some time, so I don’t know exactly what I need to hit at what volumes exactly. So your input is much appreciated.

2x4x150 at 4min and 10min?
Well what a waste that was. Ended up running a couple reps on first set at 19.0, avg. for the set was 19.1-2. Then I just layed on the ground for 25min lol

Said what the hell, did some more. 19.5, 19.6, 20.1 and stopped.

What a waste of time. I just need to retire man, there’s no way I’ll ever break 11 lolol. I mean seriously, if you die after 4x150 at 19 seconds, that’s just pathetic. Crazy how I can manage the workout from last week, 2x5x120 at 7.74m/s but once I extend the distance just a little bit and it becomes a little more lactic it just destroys me. Ha

Problem is I suck and I can’t coach myself. Can someone seriously just send me workouts to do? If not I think I have to throw in the towel because anything I write up for myself is just garbage.

Hi Brett,

Your Wed workouts are something a 400m runner may do, and I’m not surprised that you find them very difficult. I don’t think they will be of much use to you unless you are thinking of running 200-400m this season. For a short sprinter, the volume is too high and the speed is too low.

If you maintain the same speed over a longer distance without increasing the break times, it is to be expected that the workout becomes a lot more challenging.

You have been given a lot of advice and suggestions about your program here, yet what you’re doing does not reflect what has been suggested.

There aren’t a lot of people here who would recomment volumes of speed work of 560m on Mon, 1200m on Wed and 840m on Friday. The advice you were given was to do 300-500m of high intensity work per session.

The information you need has already been given to you. It is now up to you to take it or leave it.

Well sorry but this is actually a bit different than what I was doing before lol. Either write me a program or just ignore my existence lol

I think what has been said to you is currently " you are setting yourself up to fail".
How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.
And getting discouraged is a needed part of the equation. So good news… YOu are normal. ( I don’t mean that in any way other than to try and make you laugh).
Here is the thing. You do need a person to coach you. So what. It’s virtually impossible to move ahead alone. You can go a certain distance on your own but do some research and look around and see what might work for you.
Training properly takes time. LOts and lots of time and even then it might not work as you wish. You have to be prepared to hang in and endure the craziness of what training hard means…My thoughts are to cut yourself some slack, get off your own back and when you are able , look for someone or a group to train with.

Thanks… yeah I have done a ton of research but then I just end up over thinking it most of the time. Well another thing I should do is look back at when I was running fast, and what I did to get there… I have been researching literally several hours a day.

Anyhow, I was wondering what your thoughts are on looking at things in terms of average velocities versus a raw percent of a given time?

Example: say you have a 10.0 100m guy and if he ran at let’s say 90%, that’s 11.0s.

…But if you take the velocity, 10m/s, 90% of that is 9.0m/s, and 100m at 90% based on that is 11.11s.

Is one method superior to the other, and why?

Not sure how over people do it. I just choose 10/90%. Although I programme generally either 95% and above or 75% and below.

Running at 90% of PB means 90% of PB velocity. I.e. 10.00s/0.9 = 11.11. Ninety percent of PB time would be 9.0s, which obviously isn’t going to happen. However, I don’t think I can tell the difference between running 1.00s or 1.11s over PR, so in practical terms it doesn’t really matter if your target time is 11.0 or 11.1.

What I meant with my comments about your program above was that you have already been given a lot of sample workouts, progressions, etc. However, in the end you decided to do something completely different, which bears very little resemblance to the approaches developed by Charlie Francis and promoted by most people on this forum. if you ask for advice but then don’t take it, that’s your prerogative, of course, but you can’t expect people to continue giving advice if you won’t follow it. Why would anyone write a program for you if you don’t follow the one you have already been given?

excellent points robin 1.
The reality is sometimes people need to be hit on the head over and over with the same information. This is what I was taught and I was told to put the info out there and see who takes it as someone will.
If your group is larger, some will do well, some won’t and some will give up. It’s just the way it is.
It’s very important to look at what you did before and replicate those things you remember most providing you feel they are in line with what made you fast.

Haven’t been given one. But like I said you could send one over if you want. Email me bwilson5438@yahoo.com

Sorry for being a pest

if you look back through your previous thread and the PMs I sent you, there is more than enough info there to put a training program together. You have been given weekly setups, sample workouts, progressions, etc. The only thing that hasn’t been done for you is to arrange all this info into a week-by-week program. This you will have to do yourself based on your personal circumstances, goals, key competitions you are working towards, etc.

Alternatively, you can find yourself a coach and pay them to coach you. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect that someone here should spend hours writing you a program for free, especially when you have not taken on board the advice previously given to you.

Well sorry but I really looked into it for the past 3 years and I can’t find any coaches who do that around here. I live in the middle of nowhere so yeah. Yeah I didn’t say I wouldn’t pay you. Wow you have made a lot of assumptions dude lol. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!


4x30 fly (30m BU)

Wed 3/4

Avg = 7.8s

90 percent of pb time wouldnt be anything effective though , would it? the issue is 90 percent of max speed? meaning yea a 100m man who runs 10 flat avgs 10meter every second, but thats average over the run… his max speed is probably close to 12 meters per second between 50 to 70 meters in the race, yes?

i think one of the best ways to make sure you are running at 95 percent (which is recommended by the francis system) or at least 92-93 percent which other successful plans advocate, is to use that accel limit, or allowance (i think this is a better way of stating it)… putting a cone down the track at certain lengths at certain times of the yr, and ALLOWING the athlete to accelerate to it, then hold speed after for a 20-40m segment.

As the training cycle progresses from wk 1 to wk 8 or 10 or whatever length you have to get in shape, you are moving that cone marker further out, since you’re getting stronger.

I can’t remember the exact video, but I remember Charlie saying that when the cone is at 20m on a 60m distance, thats 95 percent of what they are capable of for that stage of development in the training… a few wk later the cone moves to 30m, which results in a higher velocity (again for that stage of training probably within 95 percent of top speed of what you are physically able to run at that week in the fall, or preseason work)…then forty meter cone a few wk after…etc etc til they are pushing through 60m accelerating hopefully past 50m almost to 60…

That’s progressive, and without fancy measuring technology, you can be pretty sure you are running at or near 95 percent of your top speed given WHERE you are in the training progressions per what wk you are in…

Of course that works great for my group, until they get into meets and then they mentally lose it (lol)… but as far as physical development I think using an allowable acceleration point is quite smart.

Just some thoughts on percentages. Thanks for reading

I agree with ya. I did a couple weeks of 90% before i went to 95%

3/6 Fri - accel emphasis

2x3x30 fastest was 4.11

Forgive the simple question, but FEF and EFE? F=Float? E=?

fast easy fast