UPDATE on 200m testing

This time I ran at York University. I was originally going to run outside but there was a meet on so I went to the indoor track instead.

I couldnt find my spikes (we are packing to move soon) so I was forced to run in flats.

York has a nice banked track so the speedwork was definitely easier than at UofT.

Did the following:

warmup: 1200meter jog, stretching, 4 x 80 meter strides

3 x 200 with 6 minutes rest. (I decided to up the rest to keep the quality good for the entire set)

Target time was 27 flat

first one was in 26.8 :slight_smile:
Second one after 6 minutes rest was 27.2
Third after 6 minutes rest was 27.0

Felt really happy about the runs. I was just focusing on “up”/“Down” and didn’t feel like I was killing myself. I think outdoors will be low 26 seconds easily at 90% effort for repeats.

I then hit 3 x 80 meters with ~3 minutes rest and they felt really good. (Not timed though)

I guess the fitness is “ok”. At least the times were consistent and everything felt good.

Weights after speed:

4 sets of stepups to high box (135 for 6-8 reps per leg)
3 sets of 20m lunge walk with dumbells
3 sets of chins (5-7 reps) in between lunges

Thoughts? I think I am on target for a 23 FAT outdoors if things keep going well. I am going to test again next week in spikes outdoors. I am pretty sure I can handle them in the very high 25 second to low 26 second range with 6 minutes rest at 90%.