Untrained Athletes ... which will see the greatest progress ?

I know this is an very over-simplified way of looking at things, but I’m just looking to get an idea from a recruiting perspective for football.

Which of the below untrained athletes would see greatest progress in acceleration / speed with proper, structured training (in order) ?

Which would end up the ’ quickest ’ after full development (in order) ?

Assuming all other factors are held constant

A) High BF% + weak + slow + unfit
B) High BF% + weak + slow + fit
C) High BF% + weak + fast + unfit
D) High BF% + weak + fast + fit
E) High BF% + strong + slow + unfit
F) High BF% + strong + slow + fit
G) High BF% + strong + fast + unfit
H) High BF% + strong + fast + fit

I) Low BF% + weak + slow + unfit
J) Low BF% + weak + slow + fit
K) Low BF% + strong + slow + unfit
L)Low BF% + strong + slow + fit
M) Low BF% + weak + fast + unfit
N) Low BF% + weak + fast + fit
O) Low BF% + strong + fast + unfit
P) Low BF% + strong + fast + fit

See this Kelly B article for a basic primer.

I think M [Low BF% + weak + fast + unfit] has a ton of potential.

Before I give my answer, what is high bf vs low bf?

High bodyfat is more than 15% (abs not visible, very little - no overall definition) … low bodyfat is 10% or below (visible abs, good overall definition or better).

The one with the biggest heart (desire). Talent don’t mean shit without hard work.

An athlete that has low BF, is fast, strong, fit and has an “attitude” will ruin a team and you will have a hell of a time coaching him and pulling the team together.

For a team sport, you have to look at more than just physical traits.


These two questions conflict. Greatest progress does not always mean quickest improvement.

But to answer your questions with questions: What attributes are most trainable? What is least likely to be improved?

I say C) will improve most, since weak, fat, and unfit are not that hard to fix.

I agree.

C seems like a pretty unlikely combination of traits though. I don’t think I have ever seen someone who is unfit, weak and fat but still fast.

I’m H!! claps hands

I’m 19% with a 12.x 100m lol.