UNLV Football Camp 2004

I was just wondering if anybody has been to or knows someone who went to the unlv football camp. i want to go but i only know one person who has gone and they said it was great. just looking for some feedback. if anybody knows of some other camps that are good please let me know. preferably in california, nevada, arizona, new mexico, or oregon. thanks

Dude every major school has some sort of summer camp on their campus (USC, UCLA, ASU, Arizona etc.) alot of the time they use them a recruiting tools in order to get a first hand look at players. I actually recived my first scholorship offer at one of these camps. Anyway if a school is recruting you they will recoment you come to their camp. their is no contact at these camps it is a ton of technique work and it really helps much better then a contact camp since u working on technique instead of killing someone. Dont know about the UNLV camp though, im sure its equivlent to the others. If u have any questions let me know.


i know the unlv camp is full contact and thats what i want. my friend beau bell (who you will see next year cause he’s A FREAKIN STUD!) went and he got a schalarship because all he did all day long was blast everybody there and he said it was the tightest thing ever. but what i was considering doing was going to the unlv camp in may then going to the usc camp (for the techniques) and then right after that usc camp they have a speed camp that i want to attend. if youve been to any let me know how they are. thanks

i wouldnt attend full contact camps, not worth risking injury. big schools have 7 on 7 pass skel camps, these are what you should be looking at. also show you are versatile at these camps and can play both offense and defense.

well i thought that at the full contact camps thats when the colleges really look at you. and why not risk it? its just like playing during the season. and yea i was gonna play reciever and corner/safety.

I’m leery of full contact football camps, too. I suffered a shoulder subluxation on my first day at the TU football camp, which was misdiagnosed by the on-field guys and turned into about twenty more injuries over the next six years. Your superman body can only take so many hits before it’s gone forever. You’re not a lineman or backer, do the 7 on 7 and let next season speak to the recruiters for you.

DB John,

I went to quite a few camps from my sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. The camps that i thought were the best were without doubt, Miami, USC, Penn states and Notre Dames. I was at a few others but those were the best. Also bro, be smart you do not want to go to a contact summer camp. The risk to reward is so slim that it isnt a need to go. Most likley if a school wants u they already have seen film and are judging you based upon your size, speed, agility, hips the way you come in and out of breaks. they dont want to see you go full contact with minimal prep time and not knowing the scheme you are playing. Use the summer as time to get bigger, faster and stronger. Use the camps to work on your specfic techniques and show off your athletic ability the last thing you need is to hurt something that may nag you during your season when it really counts. Remeber its only 3 days of camp D1’s will want to see your game film to see if you are constistantly good, not someone who had a good couple of days. If your injured you cant show that. if you have questions let me know.


ok so i know about the whole getting hurt thing but last year no one got hurt and my frind said that it was soo much fun and he’s already put in a good word for me and so has his brother zach (plays inside linebacker for unlv too) so that gives me a better shot and thats the school i really wanna go to so i think im still gonna go. besides its only for a week. plus my friend beau who went said that they played nevada’s state champions and that they were soft! so i think it will be fun and good for me. but thanks for all the input guys and if you could please give me some links to some other camps id really appreciate it cause i cant fin ANY. thanks guys