University of Bath

So today I took a nostalgia tinged step down memory lane - I went back to University. I was there to meet with the head track coach, do some lifting and see their new facilities.

The new gym is simply the best I have ever seen (and I’ve seen most of the best facilities in the UK: Loughborough, UWIC, Manchester Sport City, Crystal Palace etc etc). It was like weightlifter’s heaven - spanking new bars, piles of Elliko disks and ten+ platfroms…

Anyway, I’m warming up and Jason Gardener walks past to start some rehab (unilateral/core stability shite). Then Malcom Arnold comes over to see my 130k power clean and grumpily remarks, ‘Colin did 140 a stone lighter than you…’. Watching my clean pull, isometric hold at knee complex he mutters, ‘how’s that gonna cross over to sprinting?’. Later I’m squatting with bands and practically the whole gym stops in bemusement. Arnold: ‘What’s the point in that then?’

Talk is of DW running lifting workshops. Show me the money…

You just educate them…

I’m sure this would make Keith Connor very happy :wink:

Everybody’s a critic (someone’s probably read your comments on this site to him and he decided to give you the business). I’m sure Keith Connor would be the first to say: “Screw em!”
I remember Keith from a training camp in Guadeloupe in 1984. We’d hear him singing at the top of his lungs at 6am, as he took his “hot and cold” shower- but without the hot, since there wasn’t any! What do you want for 9.53USD per day room AND board, anyway!?

is there a link to using bands when squatting, I am not up with the concept but have heard many people talk about it.


David -
As Charlie said - Screw the begrudgers …

no one ever made a statue of a critic… :slight_smile: