UKSCA 2nd Annual Conference - Tudor Bompa

Just thought I’d let you guys know that Tudor Bompa will be a keynote speaker at the UK Strength and Conditioning Association conference in Cardiff this year.

According to the blurb there is also a SPEED TRAINING break out session so perhaps Charlie would like to venture across from Canada with Tudor and give help the UK out a little bit?! Unfortunitly i suspect it will more likely be speed ladders and swiss balls…

You can find out more at

Keynote speaker Highlights:

  1. Periodisation of strength training for individual sports
  2. Periodisation of strength training for team sports - Prof. Tudor Bompa
    Prof Emeritus, York University, Toronto,ON. Canada.
    Tudor Bompa is recognised worldwide as the foremost expert on periodisation training. He first developed the concept of “periodisation of strength” in 1963, supporting the Eastern European country’s dominance in the athletic world. Since then, these systems of periodisation training have become a standard method for conditioning world class athletes.
    Tudor has published 15 books (in Romanian and English), translated into 18 languages and used worldwide by universities and coaching/training institutions.

Eccentric training and Muscle Hypertrophy - Prof. Per Tesch
Prof. Tesch, Karolinka Institutet Sweden, is one of Europe’s pre-eminent muscle physiologists, who is widely published in both books and peer-reviewed journals on skeletal muscle responses to resistance training.

Weightlifting for Children and developing athletes - Kyle Pierce
Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Kinesiology and Health Science Dept.
Kyle is widely published in peer review journals on performance development and the role of weight lifting and is Director of the USA Weightlifting Development Centre at Louisiana State University.

Neuromuscular adaptations to Strength Training - Prof. Roger Enoka
Roger M Enoka is currently professor and chair in the Department of Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, USA.
His research focuses on the neuromuscular mechanisms that mediate acute adjustments and chronic adaptations in response to physical activity. The current research projects being conducted by Dr. Enoka and his colleagues include experimental and theoretical studies on the changes that occur in the neuromuscular system with aging, arousal, muscle fatigue, and strength training.

Hope to see you guys there…


This looks intersting. Is anyone familiar with this?

At this year’s UKSCA Annual Conference, Dr Christian Cook will be presenting his radical technology from New Zealand that allows blood monitoring without drawing blood. Electrosonophoresis or EsoP is described as ‘reading the blood through the skin’ to find the optiumum levels of a range of factors affecting performance. Dr Cook has worked with Team New Zealand America’s Cup sailors, the All Blacks rugby team, NZ cricket as well as Australian Rules football and rugby league teams. This technology allows readings to be taken from athletes before during and after workouts to accurately measure factors that affect an individual’s performance such as as optimum sleep patterns, dietry influences and amino acid supplements.

The conference is only a week away now. If anyone is going and wants to meet up then PM me.