UK Outdoor - 400m training, during a mixed Off-Season

Hi, I’m looking to get some input and fresh idea’s on key training methods/sessions for a pair of sprinters i coach. They only compete in the UK Outdoor season (May-August), they do not do indoors due to competing in other sports (Football & Field Hockey). I’d like to ensure they are in the best shape possible come May, i’ve put together some specific details below but would be greatful if anyone could offer amendments, other approaches, or any key sessions i should incorporate over the next few months. (Ideally i’d like to progress them on a S-L approach, as in the past they’ve both followed L-S programs)

Both athletes PB’s were attained in the last 3 years.

Athlete A:
H: 185cm
W: 83kg
Age: 24

Athlete B:
H: 190
W: 85kg
Age: 30

Athlete A: 200m = 22.8, 400m = 49.7, 800m = 1.56
Athlete B: 200m = 23.3, 400m = 51.0, 400mh = 56.2

Athlete A: 200m = 22.5, 400m = 49.2
Athlete B: 200m = 22.75, 400m = 49.8, 400mh = 55.0

Current Schedule:-
Mon = Circuits, + 2 x 5 x 50m (30 secs Rec, 4 Mins btw Sets)
Tues (AM) = Strength (Deadlift, Dumbell Bench, Push Press, Weighted Core Work), 4 x 8, 60-90 secs rec.
Tues (PM) = Football/Hockey Training - 90 Mins (Inc: Drills, Stretching, Mini Games)
Weds = Mobility Hurdle Work, Track (Alternating between) - (10 x 150) or (3 x 3 x 80/120/150)
Thurs (AM) = Strength/Power (Cleans, Squat Jumps, Bench Press, Arm Medley), 5 x 5, 90-120 secs rec.
Thurs (PM) = Hills (10-15 x 70m) Walkback Recovery or Conditioning Runs (6-8 x 400m) 1 Minute Recovery
Thurs (Eve) = Football/Hockey Training - 60 Mins (Light run out, skills)
Fri = Rest Day
Saturday = Football/Hockey Match - 90 Mins
Sunday = General Strength 3 x 8 (Mix of exercises from Tues/Thurs)

Thanks in Advance.

and will help.

Thanks John, saves me some time searching.

Gilders, I myself am based in the UK and have used some of the learnings from this site to adjust and focus the plans for my athletes, In fact I have even posted my plan in one of the 400 threads linked.

It would be a good idea for you to review the 400 threads adn get a good idea on everyones thoughts.

Though my personal thoughts will be your prob doing too much work, especielly given the extra activities on tuesdays and more so Thursdays, as i presume you have no control over the work they do in those sessions for their teams!

I think you would get more benefit reducing the overall workload and being more focused on certain elements, which you will grasp from the other threads.

But on the whole, welcome to

Hi AJ,

You are correct, i have very little input with regards to their other sporting activities - i also don’t have any control with their strength/gym work but have pushed them more towards Olympic Lifts/Compound/Plyo work than what they were originally doing, which was all “Beach Muscle Work”.

…Slowly working my way through the threads, and there is some very useful stuff on here.

Thanks for the input.

Just something i noticed…
for athlete B
a normal 400-400H difference would be about 3-4 seconds.
If <50 is the goal on the 400, aim for at least for sub 54 in the 400H. when the difference is more than 4 seconds work on rythm/strides an hurdles passages.