UK OL trials


  1. Gardener - back from hernia op. Is there enough time to find the 2 metres necessary to medal?

  2. Cambell - showing that uncanny ability to peak at the right time yet again

  3. Lewis Francis - doubtful he’ll ever be a world threat at senior level. Looks heavy and rugged.

  4. Nick Smith - Find of the year. SURELY they can’t deny him a relay spot now?! Whisper it, but is there racial/geographical politics involved in who runs? ‘Unique’ style - looks like a bird taking off

  5. Christian Malcom - will run Cambell close over 200m

1 - Is it me or is BBC athletics commentary getting worse and worse

2 - Are there really just 2 types of sprinters ( rugged and smooth )

3 - Is it actually feasable that Abi Ayeptan fits into this ‘rugged’ type - ( did she not shave her legs or something :confused: ) I now find rugged types attractive .

4 - U hit the nail on the head

5 - Did Colin Jackson actually put his whole foot in his mouth ?

Remains to be seen about Jason & co - lets hope they can all come good enough to at least do themselves justice.

personally i think DC will perform better than Jason in the 100m at OG’ for MLF hes way over-rated as the british media always do.Christian looks mechanically the best but as for all these above -they are not progressing as athletes with the training,whats wrong!!! (training principles) colin jackson is 100% correct is his statement and the problem is that that truth hurts

Here is a link to the UK team so far,10869,4854-130891-19728-20273-130301-9466-4787-layout53-132199-news-item,00.html

No mention of Nick Smith in the relay as yet :frowning:

… but they’re taking Devonish?!