UK Members: 2 to Watch

Both Channel 4

  1. The Games, 9pm. Celebrity weightlifting competition. Bobby Davro has been training at my gym - he should P.Clean 75ish. Keith Morgan doing the commentary.

  2. Jump London, 10pm. Looks spectacular on the advert.

is this tonite Dave?

Yes, right now.

i wish the U.S showed sporting events like this

Coca - If you knew who Bobby Davro is wouldn’t say that !!!
Only kidding.

Two excellent shows actually.
I watched the games simply because it was on before Jump London and I had planned to see it - but the level of competition was unreal!
Fair play to James Hewitt, he has changed quite a bit in my estimation in the past 4 days. I had a completely different image of the man from the media.

Jump London - Brilliant!
Simply unreal
Spidermen with out the webs.
Just balletic explosiveness.

Jump London - great athletes, like gymnasts really. And I was quite impressed with the celebs lifting although I thought their techniques would have been better after 8 weeks.

Jump London was fantastic!

Another crazy thing going on in London right now;

David Blaine’s “fast”, suspended in a cage dangling above the river thames.

Bread and circuses…

Not only has Gail Porter had to retire, but now Mel C has done her cruciate.

This show should carry a health warning - for the entrants!

Channel 4, the training, trainers and preparatory phases will be under scrutinary now.