Ufc 73

Would some please beat Sherk at 155, i dont find that style very entertaining. Anderson Silva has got to be the most deadly striker in the world, cant wait for the rematch with Rich Franklin, i dont think he will under estimate Silva’s muay thai clinch again.

I see Ortiz winning the rematch with Rashaad.


Sherk looked good but he doesn’t seem to have great raw talent. He just works his ass off and gives it his all.

I thought Tito looked like crap. “only 3 rounds so I can push the pace”? Didn’t look like he was pushing the pace in round 3. Neither guy could do anything.

I am of the opposite opinion Sharmer, I can’t hate on Sherk, he took some brutal knees and just kept coming. I think B.J. Penn will beat him when they fight though.

Silva was impressive, Rich Franklin is in trouble, Silva is a better striker and better on the ground.

Tito vs. Rashad was brutal, Rashad gave Tito way too much respect he was too timid. Tito got takedowns but didn’t do anything, Rahsad neutralized Tito’s ground n’ pound. If not for the fence grabbing Rashad might have won that fight. If Rashad fights the whole 15 minutes like he fought the last minute of last night’s fight, he will smash Tito in the rematch.

I think Tito is too big for Rasheed to handle in a rematch, in the first two rounds Tito did take down Rasheed quite easy however Rasheeds ground defense was good and his take down defense in the third round was much better. I just think Rasheeds dance’s too much on the outside, if you look at most of his fights he has a habit of doing this when his under -pressure.

Sherk can definitely but take shot and i got respect for this toughness no doubt he is warrior. But i got my personal bias for traditional Mauy Thai and BBJ fighters. Imagine what Baukaw would do in the UFC at lightweight.

Silva verse Franklin two of my favourite fighters, if Franklin doesn’t beat him i don’t see anyone taking down Silva at middleweight. I think one the dominant light heavyweights may need to step down a division if Silva is going to be dethroned.

I think Rasheed should step down to 185, he is smaller guy then Rich so definitely he could make that weight. That would be a good match up Silva v Rasheed.

Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree on Rashad, I think he will take Tito down next time. Friendly wager? I like Rich Franklin and I think he is a good boxer, but boxers always have trouble with Muay Thai guys.

Buakaw is a beast, awesome fighter. He would be scary if he had a ground game. Cung Le is doing well in MMA now also.

Traditional Mauy Thai fighters ( not kickboxers) do pick up the ground game pretty fast, because of tight clinch’s and fighting for postion, so i think Baukaw would learn ground skills very quickly.

Rich is quite strong on the floor, remember Ken Shamrock couldnt submitt him after having a deep ankle lock. Rich has never lost on the ground game , he is very well rounded freestyle fighter who didnt give Silva due repest in the first match up.