U2U Question

Say I send a U2U to someone who is not on here. Will that be saved in their inbox.
Thanks, Tim

Just a quick point on U2U. If people start exchanging some good questions and comments with each other, consider posting some off it on the general forum so that others can benefit from the conversation. On the other hand, if you’re trying to get information about strip clubs from Clemson, please keep it private :wink:

Is U2U supposed to email you to let you know if someone has sent you one? If not it should

Rupert my U2U boxes have sprung a leak and lost everything!

Hi there,

I washed the u2u system, sorry about your lost u2u’s.

When working on the system, sometimes this is required.

We also have system quotas in place, so messages are cleaned up every month on the 30th.

Hope this helps…:saint: