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Arnold has his own Super festival. - If you want Arnold to manage, you need to get some sort of sprint event to tie in with that. He won’t do an outside event.

Part of his Festival is the 5km and Pump. This looks pretty cool - I wouldn’t mind finding the cash and flying over for that.

This festival is Huge, and has potential to include some type of Sprint and Squat event or such…

Yea basically when i mentioned arnold, i was trying to brainstorm aloud some potential government links which could work something out with obama to create a lucrative payout for all types of speed merchants with different body types and strengths…rather than a ‘100m top of the pyramid/food chain type structure’…there’d be no need for wada but rather a regression to ‘nfl/nhl/mlb’ type ‘in-house testing…the government could create revenue sharing amongst the four other professional sports( nhl, nba, nfl, mlb) and all their teams to create this lucrative sprint/sprint workout spectacle where ‘speed power athletes’ of all different body types and speed types could all potentially make as much as an ‘alex ovechkin’( hockey), ‘alex rodtiguez’( mlb ), ’ dwain wade’( nba), ‘adrian peterson’( nfl)…

The second I read “government”, “schwarzenegger” and “obama” in your post, that ended any seriousness for me about this thought process… as learned in just about every aspect the government touches, it does not make anything “better”, it complicates and makes things much much worse, costing many times more and totally inefficient including scandels… been watching the news lately?
I am sure I don’t have to give any examples here…
This is not even logical, if your complaint is with the bureaucratic organizations like the IAAF, WADA, USADA etc. and their politics, who in their right mind would replace that with a government/obama/Politician buracracy?

A system could be thought out, those interested in contributing and building it could be found and brought in… create the rules that would make for a better system… but please, keep “government” out of it as that is not its place.

Obama seems to enjoy the intricacies of sports competition…seems to be a genuine hockey fan( for instance his ‘hockey scout mindset’-commented on how given the shorter stature of sidney crosby in comparison to his penguin teammates, he must be really fast)…this tells you he must have an appreciation for american speed sports

With Schwarzenegger you have a former bodybuilder whom appreciates the beauty of ‘seemingly absurd endeavours’ (bodybuilding)…We all probably seen the video footage of the 70’s where he compared his bodybuilding in terms of ’ absurdity’ to 'trying to propel a vehicle to go a quarter mile in 10 seconds(drag racing)…the sprints (60m-200m) would basically be human drag racing to Arnold.

The fact that the ‘western world’ governments put their hands where they don’t
belong is why id vouch for their undertaking of professional sports funds to disperse to ‘american based’(competing in U.S.A.) speed athletes…

I gotta agree with rich. While it is clear you spent a lot of time thinking about changes to the current state of sprinting, I have to say, they don’t make any sense. I’m not sure why you would make such radical changes to sprinting. I think your changes cheapen what is already in place and are gimmicks. You would turn sprinting into a circus instead of a legitimate sport. If that’s the direction you want sprinting to go, then you should just watch Cross-Fit competitions and call it a day. Also, your payout system doesn’t make any sense. If a guy runs a 6.2 60m, then it stands to reason that he would break the 100m WR. However, by your payout system, you would punish him for the fact that the race was scheduled to be a 60m instead of a 100m. Your payout system essentially makes longer races more financially attractive for the simple fact that it is a longer race and no other reason. The beauty of sprinting is that it doesn’t need any major changes! It is by far the most popular event of the OLYMPICS!! It doesn’t need to be re-marketed or re-branded, because it markets itself. Sprinting is where ALL of the money in Track and Field/Athletics is! Occassionally, there is a dominant distance runner who can command appearance fees near what the top sprinters make, but by and large sprinting dominates in all aspects. The only change that sprinting needs to make is to cut ties with the Track and Field/Athletics world. They need to give the finger to all the bs bureaucratic organizations and tell them where they can shove it!

Then, a professional sprinting league can be formed, which controls everything, similar to the NFL and NBA’s model. For legal simplicity’s sake it should all be based in 1 country (the US is obviously the best option). They need a union to ensure all runners are making decent money and not just 1 or 2 top sprinters. Coaches and training staff can be brought in under contract of the league (like the NFL and NBA model, notice a trend…). The thing I hate about track and field in the US school system is the attempt to turn it into a “team” sport, when it is so obviously not. It is an individual sport and should be embraced as such. However, what can be done is you can have regional training bases that are headed by a coaching staff and a training staff that have a roster of sprinters, similar to a “team” and what is really pretty much already in place. The beauty of this is that the infrastructure is already in place for this to happen. For instance, the World Athletics Center in Phoenix, which is headed by Dan Pfaff, and numerous Olympic training centers could serve as home fields for the teams. There could even be “teams” in different parts of the world as long as they agree to abide by all rules set forth by the professional league (this would keep the national pride aspect of sprinting intact). Then, I would take a page from the auto racing world and the Formula 1 league, to be specific. The regional training bases can have team names and there will be a point system which keeps track of the places and performances of sprinters by team and at the end of the season, the team with the most points would win the “Constructor’s Championship”, a la Formula 1.

The structure of the season could be kept pretty much the same with an indoors and outdoors. I do like the idea of more odd distances being run, though. There could be more 50m-60m races. There could be 150m or 300m or other distance races as a mainstay in the league, instead of being rare occurrences. There would be a “playoff series” of races which culminate in the “Super Bowl” every year and determine who is the world champion. The “playoff series” and the “Super Bowl” would begin in the month of May or June and end in August or September (which it pretty much already is now) to coincide with the end of the NBA season and the beginning of the NFL season to gain maximum viewership.

All sprinters running in the league would be under contract through the league and would be REQUIRED to run a certain number of races EVERY YEAR, both indoor and outdoor!!! This means no more ducking and getting free passes to a win and I can’t stress this point enough!!! The key to long-term viability in any sport is having a strong league. That means the success of the league will and should be put above the success of any individual (Just look at how well the UFC has done in such a small amount of time with this plan). Obviously, if the sprinter is legitimately injured, he would not have to compete. The gain in popularity of sprinting around the world would be tremendous. Imagine seeing a race like last year’s men’s 100m Olympic final EVERY YEAR and MULTIPLE TIMES A YEAR!

I don’t know where track and field is headed in the immediate future, but I do believe that ultimately, this is the direction that sprinting will go. The popularity is already there. Just look at how many stadiums Usain Bolt has sold out all by himself!! There is absolutely no reason that men’s and maybe even women’s sprinting can’t enjoy the level of success that the other major professional sports leagues have enjoyed (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc…). The only thing holding it back is the current structure of Track and Field/Athletics. The first step is always the hardest, but it will come eventually, one way or another.

-say for instance theres a cat that’s 5’9" and 180 lbs. but maybe he comes from a football training/ background…he trains year round, short accellerations and a decent amount of top speed…as well, from his formative years of football/hypertrophy weight training his tree trunk legs are ‘here to stay’, and as a result he just so happens to have maintained his ability to squat 585-675 lbs and bench 495 lbs…chances are if he could be awarded to run 6.3x or 6.2x to 60m he’s gonna be able to cash in on that as well as cash in on some heavy weight lift after that sprint, if a ‘sprint/sprint workout’ league existed…so while ultimately his muscle bulk may have hindered his ability to develop and maintain a ‘top speed to deceleration decay’ similar to a ‘taller less bulkier/more speed enduranced athlete’ ala usain bolt, this fantastic wonderful athlete should still be able to cash in on $70,000 for that ‘sprint’ and $60,000 for that ‘lift’

  • in america alone, how much athletes would you presume have fallen by the wayside after having childhood dreams of playing nfl, only to come up short after years(around 4-8) of football training…this is where the american ‘sprint/sprint workout’ league would financially award these cats…all these 4.1x, 4.2x, 4.3x 40 yard dash cats who don’t make nfl could redirect their training toward an ‘annual 8 competition/14 week sprint/sprint workout league’, where they’d be able to earn their living after years of ‘american dream nfl training’

-with the aforementioned theoretical athlete, the '50/60/70/80m athlete readiness sprint would likely play into his strengths…maybe for the 1st competition he runs 5.4x to 50m and then squats 585 lbs to earn $60,00 for the sprint and $60,000 for the lift…then at competition 2 he feels ready to go to 60m and goes 6.3x and then squats 585 lbs to earn another $60,000 to $70,000 for the sprint and $60,000 for the lift…at competition 3, 4 weeks after the start of season he progresses to 6.2x 60m and 495 lb bench to earn $70,000 for the sprint and $50,000 for the lift…at competition 4 he does 60m again and goes 6.3x, leading into competition 5, where he feels ready to go to 70m and goes 7.1x to collect $80,000…at competition 6 he goed to 70m and does another 7.1x for another $80,000…finally at competition 7 he goes the full 80m of the ‘50,60,70,80 athlete readiness sprint’, and runs 8.0x for $80,000 and squats 495 lbs for $40,000…then to cap off his season, he runs the full 80m again and goes sub 8 seconds at 7.90 and earns $90,000 for the 80m and an additional $10,000 for each of the 50,60,and 70 m accompanying splits. Plus he then benches 495 lbs 1 hour later for $40,000…

+1 I agree 100%.

Stop it!! You’re getting me too excited over here!!!

You see, michael johnson and his video about the hegemony colonialist america and their slavery would all fit right in with this ‘american sprint league’.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQnMr-IW_iw ( michael johnson survival of the fastest - a documentary examining the extreme athletic success of afro-american and afro-caribbean slaves. Michael johnson stars and narrates.)

As well, just as the current sprint system/structure is dominated by those whose roots could be traced back to africa, so too would an
‘american sprint league’ fall under this ‘african speed dispersal’

And just think, North America(United States/Canada) will never be able to make up for the cruel inequities/inhumanities which created the current social structure that exists in the ‘western world’, resulting in the demise of the natives and thriving relentless survival of the blacks, but the least they could do is create yet another ‘professional league’ to highlight the ‘slaves of renown’, and the flawless gaits of movement and momentum that is sprinting.

These best athletes of the world(sprinters), since it is what they are and exhibit on a regular basis to their peers and coaches behind the scenes at practice, in comparison to any other sport…should be able to make just as much as all the other north american ‘professional athletes’

There is one point missing: a week after week matchup between the very best, for, just say 8 weeks, would be exciting…but would mean slower times…and slower times would not get spectators too excited…

Naw, they’re all gonna need some down time to do ext.tempo at least twice and intensive tempo/control speed work at least once lol

Meet 1 = fastest over 40 yards
Meet 2 = fastest fly over 10m
Meet 3 = run 1 x lap then a 200m (cycling does this) the 1 lap is typically cat n mouse and very slow
Meet 4 = shuttle back and forth over 20m for a total of 100m.
Meet 5 = ??

Basically you get away from standard 100m times fairly easy yet still have the same training and planning and ability to run fast.
People expect 100m in under 10 now , so runninh a league with the heaps of people Not running sub 10 would suck.

5.5x 50m, 6.4x 60m, 7.2x 70m, 8.0x 80m…all these splits line up on an acceleration/top speed/maintenance curve in line with a 9.8x 100m…this would be the minimum cutoff as far as this ’ lucrative sprint workout league’ would be concerning pay prizes…the benefit to all athletes competing would be theyd all get payed properly for running the time/split regardless if they won or lost


-its a gat damn shame a tall slender sub 20sec speed merchant, such as wallace spearmon, aint with a sponsor.
-if obama could be convinced/facilitated to create this ‘lucrative sprint league’, it’d basically usurp the IOC of their ‘main event’, the 100m. No big deal there, why the hell would they be allowed anyway to keep masses and masses of sprinters from earning an ‘american professional sport living.’
-Pretty much when breaking it down through general sport analysis, in terms of ‘professional sportsplayer’ interest in revenue sharing, itd basically be the NBA and NFL that’d be up for the revenue sharing with the ‘lucrative sprint league’.
-Hell I’ve taken proposal writing in college, I’ll do up a proposal and send it off to obama n company(no jokes, just to turn some positive energy vibes into rolling snowball effect lol)

Economics driven by demand precludes big league sprinting from viability. In a free market society such as the US, the demand for the sport drives the revenues which in turn drives the pay for participants. They simply chose a sport that is not as lucrative as the major sports and / or they weren’t talented enough to participate in those sports at the professional level.

What does “Obama” have to do with anything in sports? I for one would want to keep government, especially Obama as far away from controlling anything… the less government the better. These kind of ‘ideas’ belong to those in Russia, or other socialist/communist countries, not free countries such as the US.

-if some dude(s) speed merchant(s) (elite sprinter(s))from the vast USA, whom train alongside some of these nba and nfl pros were to get their signatures supporting the ‘revenue sharing protocols’ and ‘run time based payouts’ of a professional sprint league, that’d be all the more accompanying documentation that’s going to strengthen this venture.
-in an ideal world per se, if one were able to attain 95-100% of signatures(across the 4 pro sports-nba, nfl, nhl, mlb), and obama seen this, it’s a good chance he’d make it happen.

Please explain, this makes no sense to me…

lol less government huh…we may as well get read gov controlled national highway system. le the roads and bridges be handled by…individuals. people kill me with this no government shit like its the wild west

Dude he has to do with this because he’s da fastest black president…seriously theres a limited window remaining to approach him with this ‘lucrative sprint league’ idea, as there ain’t going to be anyone else with the power in USA to make all the pro sports teams of america, chip in a portion of revenue.