Tyson Gay Documentary


its on the menu on the right, 24 minutes long, didn’t know he taped the ball of his foot.

gained some respect for JD on this one.

what did he say? ‘goal is to get from the start to the finish in the most efficient way possible’. i think there’s a lot of truth in that.

how does taping the balls of your feet help you when your sprinting dont understand that??

great documentary on tyson
a little funny when they said that tyson ran to his mom when he first beat his sister in a race


Thank you for posting the video, very good, you’ve got to believe in yourself, prepare and go out and execute, that’s what I came away with after watching. What a nice family Tyson has and Drummond earned my respect as well as a coach. Good luck Tyson!:wink:

it looked as if this was the first day they worked together as a team.i had to laugh as JD explained how to be efficent as a sprinter.he was good but he wasn’t effecient from 60 onwards under pressure! and whats the story with mc donalds.are these guys getting paid for this.how in the name of god can an athlete run 9.6,be one of the planets fastest men and eat that S***!

with tysons situation he is doing fantastically well taking into consideration his coach is in jail and he using JD for assistance.

And Stephen Francis runs well from 60 onward under pressure :slight_smile: ?

His coach is not in jail, just not coaching him it seems (coaching Veronica and others now in FL). No reporter ever addresses that. I think Brauman might just do his early prep/GPP?

JD is not the total dunce that everyone thinks he is. He ran sub 10, has a gold medal, and ran for a long time under John Smith so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

I do not believe these guys eat those big macs regularly, definitely somethings on in the background. Mcdonalds just wants to say their food doesnt slow down the fastest men ever therefore its not as bad as everyone says it to be.

Didn’t do Daley Thompson any harm either!

Overall when you look at the documentary and you see him being treated by someone who blatently isn’t a sports massage expert and then in the weight room you wonder how he came to run so fast. Makes you wonder what he would be capable of with a slightly more focused routine.

Well, I think nutrition is overrated when it comes to athletes. For a guy like this and many others I’d say the primary goal of food is calorie quantity, not quality.

However, from the few clips of him lifting it’s hard to say his lifting routine is actually helping him.

take all the great sprinters.greene,lewis,BJ,christie,fredericks,marsh,bailey etc they all had training off to a tee.

i can talk about lewis and co because i have ahd the opportunity to see these guys and everything was off to a tee.in other words the preparation was great.they knew what to do,why they were doing it and if done right,the results.

from watching that clip was like watching two people training together for the first time and you would not have thought gay was 9.8 until you see him run.

i’m certainly not trying to run gay or JD down but to run 9.8 takes talent and good training but JD :confused: :confused: .lets see what tyson has to offer…

ben and charlie took years to get to 9.79,carl and tom took years to run 9.86,gay needs a long term plan and someone to show him what he needs

as far as micky D’s=100% S***.super size me!

9.8=quality and everything else around it means quality.you must understand the level 9.8 is and how hard it is to get there.

JD is not a dunce and he has respect from all.yes he has run under 10,has a gold medal etc but so has mark lewis francis and many other athletes.he now is in charge of a very very talented sprinter and from what i seen in the weight room and general set-up i was amazed.do you realise how fast 9.8 is and what condition an athlete must be in to achieve such speeds?

hey guys…go to this link and look at his sponsers http://www.tysongay.net/bio.php.

see what i’m sayin :slight_smile:

Let’s remember a 9.7x or 9.8x today is not as fast as a 9.7x or 9.8x of 20 years ago. This due to track conditions and what not.

So if we agree Gay’s training methods right now are less than optimal yet he’s a consistent 9.8x runner, perhaps 20 years ago he would only be a consistent 9.9x runner which could explain the confusion of how Gay is running so fast with suboptimal training in comparison to guys who ran so fast with optimal training (such as Johnson and maybe Lewis who you mentioned).

I realize this is hypothetical but I’m really just thinking out loud for fun.

You must understand the body can run on just about anything as long as there enough of that something. You really think there is that big of a difference for an elite athlete between grilled chicken and the southern style chicken sandwich at McD’s? If you’re not sure just look at Tyson and probably at least 50% of the athletes at the olympics. McD’s is the top choice of olympians afterall.

Good video,

As far as Mc Macdonald’s and the weight room clips, I think its just eye candy when they know the camera is around.

As far as Tyson and his family, I wish them the best. They are such a young and good looking family. lol, his mom could pass for his sister…

i think i should keep my thoughts to myself here before i let loose…read your first line and run it through your head.try putting diesel into a F1 car! enough said!

I simple dont believe Tyson sits there and eats mcdonalds, although he DOES eat it occasionally, he does not regularly eat it…lets be real here fokes.

The weight room stuff… it looks like hes doing general conditioning and bodybuilding at the same time.

Do you believe then that Michael Johnson is quoted as saying he eats anything he wants!
:stuck_out_tongue: :eek: