Tyson Gay Daughter Killed

Olympian Tyson Gay’s 15-year-old daughter has been shot dead at a Kentucky restaurant.

Trinity Gay, herself a rising track star, was shot in the neck at Cook Out restaurant in Lexington early Sunday morning.

She died at the University of Kentucky Medical Center, the coroner’s office for Fayette County said in a statement.

Tyson, who will be flying back to Lexington Sunday, told LEX 18: ‘She didn’t make it. I’m so confused. She was just here last week for fall break. It’s so crazy. I have no idea what happened.’


Very sad. Good ole Merica and its gun fascination

How devastating for this family.
I used to ask Charlie why he never wanted to live in California after he finished University.
As many of you know he studied political science and had a particular interest in this area. He also loved and studied history.
He also used to make comments about how stupid it was that the news loves to report that
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
Well, this is not a political forum but GUNS kill people. Maybe if you made it more difficult for people to have guns they might calm down after their frenzy of anger or what ever it is that drives people to kill others with intent or by mistake.

Looks like they got them: https://www.google.com/amp/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN12H1K9?client=ms-android-verizon

Personally, I don’t believe guns are the problem. The problem is American males. American males are bullies, they’re full of hate, they lack self control, and they’re violent. And it doesn’t help that the criminal justice system here is very lenient on criminals.

In other countries males are more intelligent (i.e, Japan) so they talk things over to avoid conflict, or the males are less violent, or the law in other countries is more harsh and swift with punishment so males in those countries think twice before they commit a crime.

When I heard the news that Tyson’s daughter was shot and killed in knew for sure young black guys were involved. Tired of this crap! I’m black myself and I’m telling you its ghetto thugs like the ones in the above article as to why people my age and younger can’t go out anymore and have a good time.

Those clowns need to be publicly hanged!!!

Guns are certainly a big part of the problem. If a violent person who lacks self control does not have access to a gun they will find it difficult to kill someone in rage. If they have a gun, you can be fairly certain that someone (or more than one person) will die.

Australia banned assault weapons and imposed stricter gun laws in 1996 and hasn’t seen a mass shooting since then. Japan has virtually no private gun ownership, as their gun laws are amongst the most restrictive in the world. They also have virtually no gun crime and their homicide rate is extremely low.

America has the second highest per-capita incarceration rate in the world and, unlike other western countries, still imposes the death penalty. Black males are incarcerated and put to death at a much higher rate than white people. If anything, the American example shows us that a harsh (and racially discriminatory) justice system is not the answer to a country’s violence problem.

Definitely prayers for him and his family…But my question is why would some reports say “Banned Sprinters daughter”…Why can’t they just say “Olympic Sprinter”…Toolbags!!!

They did…

Well America as a whole is pretty terrible. Its not just males who are uneducated…watch any reality show and what do you see…uneducated females. You dumb down the masses and then you have an easier time controlling them. Which is why you have two choices for president right now…One will tell you your gonna get raped, the other will surprise rape you, but either way your going to get raped.

Media is the reason you think its only black males out doing the killing. Trust that it is not, whites do just as much if not more.
A Ghetto is a place that minorities are forced to live because of economic, social and legal pressure. If you put a 5 animals in a cage and give them enough food to feed 2 what do you think will happen? Pressure busts pipes and putting people in those conditions creates the shit show you have now. You can think good ole Ronald Wilson Reagan (666) for getting it started when he and the CIA introduced Crack into the ghetto.

You have to look much deeper than what you see on the bullshit news and media. In America, Remember the news and media is controlled by whites so ofcourse they will make non whites look like they are the problem. There is a reason blacks make up more than 85% or the Privatized Prison population.

Lack of resources, education and sanctions creates what you see now. Guns are part of the problem. No other country on earth has a gun problem except MERICA!

also why was gay’s daughter at a fast food joint at 4AM in the morning the day before school?

Yes, but American females don’t go around committing mass murder. An uneducated female is harmless and if a woman does inflict any kind of harm they usually harm themselves.

I’m well aware that males from all racial groups kill. However, the fact remains that black neighborhoods are just more violent and dangerous. It’s not just here in America, it’s the same in Africa, Jamaica, Haiti, ect. In South Africa, because of all the crime, the white south Africans have a joke: " What’s the difference between a racist and a tourist?" Answer: Two weeks.

American blacks constantly want to blame white people or poverty for their problems instead of taking responsibility for their own problems.

Some of the poorest people in America are white who live in the Appalachian mountains or in the hick trailer park towns and they just don’t have the level of crime and shootings as they do in black neighborhoods. The percentage of black crime is high because blacks simply commit more crime which is why when a black person makes a good living they move out of their black neighborhood. If this weren’t true black neighborhoods would be just as affluent as white neighborhoods because people would be more willing to live and invest in black neighborhoods. This isn’t racist, this is reality.

Also, American blacks aren’t held hostage, they can migrate to another part of the world where they feel they have better opportunities. For example, look at all the Mexicans who migrate to America and work in the kitchens, cutting grass or building or rebuilding homes. These are all jobs American blacks can do, and have first dibs at, but they refuse to work those kind of jobs and rather try and be rappers. Why???

Victim blaming. That’s like saying a girl brought rape onto herself because she wore a dress that was too revealing.

It doesn’t matter, if she wanted a burger at 4am she should safely be able to do that. She didn’t deserve to be shot and killed because she was out late at a burger joint.

I have been overseas and it’s much safer out late and night then here in America. I been to Bangkok for example and was shocked that young girls and young beautiful women stay out late and walk to and from work down dark alleys and dark streets. You know why? Because nothing happens to them…

Take away guns and they will use bombs or assaulting people with a vehicle like in the recent 2016 Nice attack that killed 86 people.


The core issue is why do males become so violent.

I really like what this man has to say about boys.

He is very empathetic and clear and methodical about what needs to be done for our boys.


LMAO where the hell did you pull that from, out your ass. AMerican Females are not violent? WTF. Are your eyes closed to the world around you? WHere do you live?

Black neighborhoods are more violent. Says who you? I have lived in black hoods all my life where is the violence? SO Its a fact? Send me the proof of your FACTS.
You use south African whites as an example??? Have you ever heard of Apartheid? If not, you might want to do some research before using South African WHites as an example of Racial Harmony!

Im gonna assume you missed the part I wrote about Ghettos or maybe you just didnt understand what I wrote.

VIctim blaming? I asked why was a 15 year old girl sitting in a parking lot at 4 am in the morning when she should be home sleep for school the next day. THATS NOT BLAMING THE VICTIM ITS BLAMING THE PARENTS!!! I guess you didnt comprehend that either. (did you notice you blamed blacks for the situation we are in?)

Based on the non factual bullshit you replied to me with Im gonna assume your either not really black or your a Sambo who really doesnt understand how America works.
I do not feel like refuting all the garbage you just wrote so ill invite you to learn your history (if you are black).

A few books you need to read: The new jim crow, ISIS papers, Negroes with guns, Black labor WHite wealth and the miseducation of the negro.
ALso Watch Hidden Colors 1-4

After that maybe we can continue this conversation cause your so lost right now its sad.

These are the arguments used by gun lobbyists to mislead the public into opposing reasonable gun laws.

How many people carry home made bombs around in the streets, so they can blow up anyone who provokes them or whose wallet they want to streal? There are more guns than people in America and even children can buy them. How many home made bombs are there? What is more likely to happen? A) Someone annoys me. I lose control, pull the gun out of my pocket and shoot them or B) Someone annoys me. I lose control, go home, search the internet for instructions on how to build a bomb, go and buy the ingredients, make the bomb, find out where the person who annoyed me lives, go to their house and blow them up?

Terrorism is a different cattle of fish, btw. and something that is incredibly rare in America. Maybe about one percent of the mass shootings you see in America are politically motivated. No other western country sees anywhere near as many mass shootings and gun violence, because in no other western county can a person just walk into a shop and buy a military style assault rifle. Even to buy a regular handgun is very difficult in most other countries where you need a gun licence, criminal background check, etc. When people get angry in Australia (and believe me they do) they use their fists because they don’t have access to a gun.


You gotta be joking? SMH

Guys here are some of the things we know for sure.

If we make guns easy to get guess what? We rely on the good or bad judgment of others to decide and we all know this for sure. If we are angry any of us we have the increased potential to do or act out and generally it’s not good.

I think we can for sure agree that minority groups of people that are living in sub standard communities are most at risk.

Here is another thing we know for sure.

A 15 year old girl should not be dying from a gunshot wound.