Tyler Christopher

Did Tyler Christopher change coaches? I was watching the Candian championships today and Chrisopher talked about changes to his training. Summed up it sounds like he’s gone from S-L to L-S. Anybody have more details?

He didn’t do too well, pulled-up at 120m with cramped hamstrings.

his former coach, Kevin Tyler, was hired away by Britain to head coaching development. i heard about the coments second-hand. They sound ominous.

This surprises me a bit. I had thought that Derek Evely and Kevin Tyler were on the same page philosophically. :confused:

Adam Kunkel has not run well at all this season and didn’t even enter the Canadian Championships. :eek:

Wouldn’t read too much into all this… training isn’t the only thing that contributes to performance. A lot of this is to do with lifestyle issues as well.

Any change in coaches is going to have ramifications. Sometimes it can be positive, but since KT had been so effective in coaching the group it was likely to be less so in this instance. Of course this could well have been compounded by the relatively disappointing season that both Christopher and Kunkel had in 08.

You are quite correct that lifestyle is often an issue. I don’t know if either of them took a hit in their funding this season, but that could be a factor.

While I didn’t hear the interview, as Charlie stated, the apparent switch from S-to-L to L-to-S could be part of the problem. While 08 was disappointing, I doubt that program structure was the issue.

Interestingly a number of top 400m guys don’t look particularly good right now. Wariner looked poor in the 200m, as did Neville in the 400m. I haven’t seen any results on Djhone or Rooney and Wissman hasn’t been running well thus far outdoors.

As previously stated Tyler is now head of coaching in the UK and it was announced last week that Evely will be heading up one of the performance centres in the UK from September.

As for Rooney he was injured but recently raced and opened with a 45.5. He is just a few weeks behind due to the set back.

I’m not buying that as every male in the group failed to perform this year. They all can’t have lifestyle issues.