Twitter for Masters Athletes

Any Masters Athletes who are subscribers to this Forum also posting stuff on Twitter?

A good way to share quick pieces.


@TomSprints on Twitter and blogging at

I don’t twitter but if I develop a page i’ll let you know. where are you competing out of? I’m in the south!

Guys, you all need to get on Twitter. Most track athletes are pretty regular tweeters, and generally are pretty chatty. I follow pretty much everyone, and even Ato tweeted me back last week, he thinks Priscilla Lopes-Schliep is going 12.4x too.

this is ancient news
I said it last week in one of my posts
I get your point
Twitter our selves into the new ( not so new social media)
great feedback
I am going to get on it

Angela, what do you think is going on with Lolo? Did her coach screw up her competition phase? She looks terrible! I’m totally rooting for Priscilla, but Lolo has had so much terrible luck, it would be nice to see her run well in a big race, but it doesn’t seem it’s in her control now.

I totally agree. There has been a ton of folks (track, S&C, Football) that have talked to me on twitter.:cool:

where do you all find the time? :confused:

LOL I have it on my phone so I get messages all the time. Trust me I cant sit in front of a computer all day.

If anyone is interested my twitter is @stormbikes (Masters Sprinter 60-400ish)