TVA and sprinting form

Mantaining a proper upright posture while running needs quite strong core.In fact all the abdominals muscles (obliques external and internal,rectus)should take care off the lumpo-pelvic (anteriori pelvic tilt should be avoided otherwise knee lift would be prevented and so on).
What do you think about the role of the TVA ?
Now,if all this muscles are ok (strength,endurance,flexibility),and also are ok the hip flexors (psoas,iliacus,rectus femoris,sartorius,tfl) but an athlete runs with anteriori pelvic tilt would you look at the TVA??

with regards to tva strengthening i would suggest reading the book ultimate back performance by stuart mcgill and then make up your own decision.



Transverve Abdominus (sic)

A waste of time for the the most part, is never the cause or solution of postural issues IMO.

Agreed - especially in the athletic population. I’ve been performing rehab for a little over three years now, and the only time I’ve ever had to do TVA retraining is in the case of severe back injuries. Most of the time, the issues will lie elsewhere. While it does have some importance, TVA (like balance training) has been taken and overdone to death. Read McGill.

Yeh I’m tempted to cry BS everytime I here core or TVA being mentioned nowadays.

Actually came across two good articles on it recently somewhere - must send them on to you.