Trying to get this kid a look by the NFL

He got invited to Edmonton Eskimos camp in May, but was 5 months post ACL and in no shape to run. In August, he ran hand timed 4.29 and 4.37. The kid has all the size and tools. Looking to get him ready for next year. Any information on any people who may be able to get him in a camp next year would be greatly appreciated. Here are some highlights from Grand Valley, where he was all time leading rusher in 3 seasons.

Folks I can vouch for him. I’ve seen the kid in action an man he can move!

Highlander, Lance and Jimmy just started back up today. We are going to have a run at it for next year. I am going to make these two beasts. If I am going to leave Athletic Prep for medicine, I am going out with a bang. Mark my words, these two will be freak shows when they show up in camp next year. It’s going to be sick. This is the most fun I will have had
in a long time. You know how much I love what I do, but this is personal. How do teams grade guys out in camp, then keep a guy who graded out lower? Straight up out play the guy and be a 100% team guy and get the short end of the stick. These two are going to turn heads next year, I promise you.

Well, he is going to NFL National Regional combine at Ford Field on March 30/31. Event will be televised on NFL Network. Ran 4.47 40, 39" Vert, 4.12 shuttle. Only RB out of 45 in Chicago going. That includes a kid who was on Indy for 5 games last year. Pretty solid numbers for a guy who came off ACL 15 months ago. weighed 223 lbs. Getting him a lot of tissue work by my friend Dr. Stave Radovich in Windsor for next 3 weeks. Should put up really good numbers. He said Bears turf at Lake Forest complex felt spongy, hence, tight Hamstrings. Hope all goes well.

It’s amazing how quickly some athletes recover. In 1995, my neighbor became the first NFL player to return from reconstructive knee surgery in the same season, and they continue to make advances. I correspond frequently with an elite BMX competitor who had ACL surgery five months ago after a racing accident, and his recovery has been remarkable.

Best of luck to this young athlete. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of him.


Thanks for the kind words. Some people are freaks. This kids is one of them. Never injured and in pregame he cut wrong on route and pooped ACL. Went to sideline, trainer said I think you tore ACL. He said it doesn’t hurt. Put a brace on and he ran for 177 and 2 TD’s. He is gifted for sure. Lot of speed and power for his size. Weighed at 223 lbs. I noticed Colts cut Addai today. Scout from Indy talked him up for 30 mins. Dont usually waste their time unless he is worth it. Just ran a clip of him today on NFL Network with 40 and interview.