Tripple Jump

A young tripple jumper asked me “Is this program any good?” Since I know nothing, I thought it would be best for him to hear what others think. I haven’t really looked this over so I can’t say one way or the other whether it is good or not.

Each Week, generally:
• Run 3-5 times
• SJH Drills/Warm-up before each run
• 20-30 minutes easy.
• Conditioning - 20 X 30m, 10 X 100 w/300 jog, cruz, fartlek, hills, hill cruz, hill w/pal on back!
• Lift 2-3X/week (see below)
• Could be supplemented with Med Ball, Core
• Plyos 2X/week (see below)
• Flexibility (hurdles or dynamic) 2X/wk
Factor in rest days. You can combine runs with weights, plyos, drills, flexibility work, etc. Adjust the intensity and repetitions based on your fitness and strength. Mix and match as equipment, time, weather, etc. allow.

Focus on quick and explosive movements. You want to decrease reaction time, that is, hit the ground and explode. Move quickly and powerfully. When the exercise lists a height, you should use a barrier (cone or box or hurdle) that is approximately that high. If you can’t adjust the height of the barrier, simply use your imagination and adjust the intensity appropriately. Always warm up your core body temperature with running and form drills before plyometrics. Always cool-down and stretch afterwards.

First Phase Plyos – Low intensity, focus on technique
1 X 10 front cone hops
2 X 20 single leg push-offs (12 in.)
2 X 20 alt push-offs (12 in.)
2 X 30 second segments of the box drill
2 X 10 front box jumps (12 in.)
3 X 3 double leg hops
1 X 5 standing triple jumps (with pit)
3 X 40m alternate leg bounding with double-arm action

Second Phase Plyos – Medium Intensity
3 X 10 front cone hops
3 X 5 double leg hops – regular and for distance
1 X 5 standing triple over barrier (with pit)
3 X 40m alt leg bounding with double-arm action
3 X 15 stair hops
3 X 40m combo bounding with double-arm action
3 X 5 barrier hops (hurdle)

Third Phase Plyos – Medium/High Intensity
3 X 10 single leg hops
5 X 3 double leg hops into 40m sprint
3 X 5 standing long for distance (with pit)
5 X 40m combo bounding (R-R-L and L-L-R)
5 X 6 box-to-box squat jumps (18-24 in.)
5 X 40m alt leg bounding with double-arm action
3 X 8 depth jumps to standing long jump

Fourth Phase Plyos – High Intensity
5 X 20 stair hops
5 X 5 barrier hops (hurdle)
3 X 50m combo bounding
3 X 40m single leg bounding
1 X 6 long jump with five-stride approach (with pit)
1 X 10 depth jump to standing triple or standing long (with pit)
5 X 40m alt leg bounding for speed

Generally, you want to start off with low weights so that you can do the exercises correctly and with little straining. Always spot each other. These are suggested exercises w/squats being the central lower body exercise and bench being the central upper body exercise. Feel free to add in other exercises for variety. When you mix weights with plyometrics, focus on the big muscle group exercises and feel free to cut out exercises, reps or sets. Lift after running or plyometrics, not before. Can adjust up weight, sets and reps every couple weeks.
Bench Day

4 X 8 Bench
3 X 10 Lunges at 50% of BW
4 X 10 Bent-over or sitting rows
5 X 12 Calf Raises (use the Bob, dbells, change angles, etc.)
3 X 8 Military press
3 X 8 Power Cleans

Squat Day
3 X 12 Squats at 70% of Body Weight (BW)
3 X 8 Lat pulls
3 X 8 Hamstring Curls – pull up w/both legs, let down w/one
3 X 10 Incline Press
3 X 10 Hip Drive w/resistance (use bands)


I agree that this is a very demanding event. I do my best to stear kids away from it. (Dare I admit that)? The kid above is 17 or 18. He is athletic, but has not trained consistently ever to my knowledge. He has probably 3 to 4 years in tripple jump, but as I said…mostly competitions during the highschool track season.

I actually coach the jumps at my high school and specifically love the triple jump and if he is doing all that bounding and is in high school he is setting himself up, I think to not be as successful as he could be. If that is all he is doing it still is a little much. Just my opinion.

Zoom I agree with your comment about steering athletes away from TJ. I do, I allow my athletes to compete in them occassional but anyone under 16 doesn’t train for it, they do more sprints and long jumping.

Think it is abit much. Might be ok if recovery sessions are good and has plenty of rest between sessions-which I doubt.

Herb, does he do all the plyometric exercises in one session or does he spread the workload over a number of sessions with each cycle? It does seem a bit much per session. When does he sprint?

Viking its good to see someone who loves coaching the triple jump. In your opinion, how would you set up a high school athlete for success in the triple jump?


check out:

I’ve threatened to post this before it contains some info on Jon Edwards weights program, some of which has been detailed on the forum already…