Tried out rugby today

I just tried out Rugby today for the first time ever and realised how exciting it is. The school’s rugby team was practicing and I had spare time so I joined them, and It was a real adrenaline rush. Never realised how much talent I got for rugby, I was actually a challenge to the guys on the other group (the team split into two groups) and I was in the weaker group. Scored lots of points and takedowns, and only got taken down fully about twice. Had to come off the field after about 50 mins though, because my ankle injury acted up :mad: . The Rugby coach wants me to join now, but Im not shure if it will be detrimental to my athletics. This is the off season for athletics and the in season for rugby, so I wonder if i should join until athletics resume? would it help or be detrimental to my sprinting after?

Rugby players get absolutely tones of injuries. If you play for England you have a 30% chance of getting injured enough to miss at least the next game every time you play. Obviously it is only school but realise that it could be pretty brutal (though that’s part of the attraction).

The question is how dedicated are you to athletics and are you potentially better at rugby in comparison? Plus of course there is the fun aspect!

I am very dedicated to athletics. I just want to play rugby in the off season as a past time. I find it very exciting. I wont play official games though, Ill just play with the school team when they are practising, but I wont “train” for rugby per se because I dont want to mess up my muscle memory dats already wired for athletics since i was a lil yute. (even though the coach will be pissed when I tell him Ill stick with athletics though, lol).

I doubt I will get much injury since im just practising with them, they dont practise too brutal. Neither do I, to avoid injury. I hardly get caught though, and when Im going to get caught and cant manuver out of it then I will pass of quickly to avoid a sandwhich or pileup, which will be a shure risk of injury.

Do you ever play basketball, Danielc101. I think if you where going to picka sport, to group with you athletics juring the winter. Juts because there are no compititions, i think basketball is the best.

Its all about power, and exsplosiveness, the way i like playing.

Yea i used to play ball with my neighbour, he has a court in his yard. Agree with yah with the power and explosiveness, thats where I got my explosiveness from, playing ball by him all the time when i was young. Thanxs for the idea, i completely forgot about bball.

:rolleyes: where did that stat come from?

I agree though that if you are dedicated to athletics rugby may not be ideal for off season tarining.

Ive seen guys come from rugby and run fast times, particularly over 400m, what is your event? I think the nature of the game is suited to producing good 400m runners, assuming you are playing in the backs and are not a prop!

Repeated short sprints with short recoveries, often jogging, will make you very fit. The sprints will keep your speed up over the winter. the short recoveries will maintain or improve your speed endurance, and most importantly you should do what you enjoy.

You can mix both if you play/compete for fun.

Yea i do compete for fun, I enjoy it, In not a prop lol, playin in the backs. Im a 100m/200m/400m Sprinter. Im thinking of specializing in 200m/400m though, because I often get injured when I run my best in the 100m even if I warm up and prepare thorougly. I understand what ur saying about rugby making good 400m runners because the top 400m runners in my school right now are those who play rugby and even though I havent been playing for that long I find Im getting more speed endurance, something which I greatly lacked. I play on Tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays, so I always have one day for “rest” and two days “rest” after saturday. Im gonna be playing up until the season finishes then Start back my actual sprint training December or January.