Treat athletes equally

Nigerian Coach calls for equal treatment of athletes

• Tuesday, Apr 8, 2008
Athletics coach, Isaac Osagie has called for equal treatment to all athletes to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The Games has been scheduled for between August 8 and August 24 in the Chinese capital.

Osagie, said he was compelled to call for equal treatment against the backdrop of the qualification of the two soccer teams, the Dream Team IV and the Falcons.

“All athletes should be given equal treatment, without any form of discrimination,” Osagie said in an interview with Tidesports source Nigeria in Lagos.

“Many athletes have won laurels for the nation, just as much as footballers have brought honours to the country.

He warned against a situation, where footballers would be made to enjoy greater government support at the Games than those in athletics.

Nigeria doesn’t even discriminate on the basis of Ability: they treat Fasuba just like the next guy :rolleyes: