Treadmill Tempo

In the interest of saving wear and tear on a masters’ legs, do any masters out there use a treadmill for tempo? How do you time the runs on the treadmill for eqaul a 4x200 - 80% - 1 - 2 minte rest.
I have read some past post but am looking for insight from masters in particular.
I tried a workout last week: Top speed on treadmill - 10mph for 60 sec after it reached top speed at a slight incline - 2 degrees? I then stopped the treadmill waited 1 minute and cranked it back up to top speed. I did this 4 times. As I said it takes a while for it to stop and to get it back up to speed so the rest in between reps may be too lenghtly. I’m a little hesitant to leave it at top speed and jump on and off. Don’t want to end up on America’s Funnisest Videos.


i spent a number of years as a triathlete and since i live in canada, i have logged many the hour on the treadmill. i dont have any workouts off the top of my head but, one thing you should pay very close attention to is contact time.

i am in the process of transitioning from triathlete to sprinter and the one technical pointer ive gotten a couple of times is that my feet are on the ground way way too much. i attribute this to the treadmill as you plant your foot and just leave it there until it slides behind you on the moving belt.

I know what you mean. I tried to be very aware of my recovery mechanics and knee drive as I was running on the treadmill. I feel that it would be easy to overstride on the support phase also as you reach forward for the moving belt. I think that is why people put it at a slight incline.
Yesterday when I was training outside on the track, I tried to “step down” to avoid overstriding. I’ve heard that this was a feeling some sprinters discribe and after watching some slow motion races of Greene and Powell that’s what it looks like.