Travis Padgett-Clemson 9.96

Title speaks for itself…

Wind legal +1.2 m/s


Also flotrack posted that Clemson’s 4x100 relay went 39.21 as well…

They are doing something right at Clemson!

they could be looking at a 4x1 national title if the two footballers and the freshmen can get it to padgett in a good position.

clemson guys disappear when all the chips are on the table.

mortac your private msg box might be full.

shawn crawford with an AR and 3 national titles sure pulled a hell of a disappearing act while at clemson.

From what I have seen it appears that they may peak a bit too early rather than choking at championship time.

padg did run his 10.0 at the regional meet

and spiller and ford usually have spring ball…so it’s hard to expect much from them.

with the addition of trenton guy jr they should have 4 100 runners.

but ford and guy havn’t done much this year… so we’ll see

i just like the fact that it looks like they turned the race around to run with the wind to get fast times. A novel idea here in the north west.

Who’s coaching Padgett? What was his PB heading into that. I watched the video and it almost looked like he caught a little flyer! Opinions??

I think Charles Foster is still the sprints/hurdles coach at Clemson. He ran a 10.00 last year, I think.

Yea, I was hasty at asking about his PBs, apologies for that, I should have looked it up before, I found the 10 flat. However, I could not find his coach. Does anyone have information on Charles Foster and how he works his athletes?

he sure has the credentials, former world record holder in the 110hh at 13.20sec.
coached shawn crawford while he was at at clemson.
i definatly would like to know what they do for training. Anyone?

Except last year when Padgett won indoor NC’s after not qualifying till the last chance weekend.

Also came 3rd at outdoor NC’s after just sneaking into the final.

I met him a few years ago at a SC clinic (South Carolina). He spoke about his thoughts on training and mechanics. Then Ralph Mann got up and basically crapped on everything he said. Charles seemed like the kind of guy who is distanced from science, firmly entrenched in what it takes to actually get athletes to run fast.

One interesting thing Charles mentioned (this was prob 3 years ago) was that he was planning to drop all heavy lower body weights in favor of a plyo sled (like the shuttle mvp).

A plyo sled like the one Frappier has? If thats the case I wouldn’t think it would be much different than doing squats.

Sled like MVP? As in Francis’s group? Sorry for being niave, who is Frappier? In terms of Fotser being distances from science, but more interested in ‘what it actually takes to run fast’, can you clarify what you mean by that please mortac8??

Frappier is a forbidden word here!! LOL…

Its an speed/acceleration programme created by an American dude called John Frappier…the programmes uses different toys to make you faster. One such thing that they use is the high speed treadmill.I used it a few years ago with success under supervison of my then coach…its frowned upon by alot of people.

If you’d like to know more contact me and I’ll give you the details of the place where I did it.

That Clemson 4x100 training clip was good.

So a lot of his ideas are a bit gimmcky? Bruny Surin used high speed treadmills I believe as did drob, both it appeared with success. I always think there is a safety issue with such methods.
Who was coaching you then J? Yeah, I’d be interesting in learning a bit more about it all.

Haven’t seen the training clip as my work computer won’t let me see them, but will look at it when I get back home.

Oh man :slight_smile: . Guys, just type in Shuttle MVP into google. No not Frappier, not Jamaica MVP.