I have daughter 12 years old who is on an elite soccer team on the east coast.

They have a trainer who makes them run 15- 20 minutes after training session. These are not Tempo runs, they are jogs then 50 meter sprints. The configuration like a figure 8.

What is the protocol of running during inseason?

Any literature or opinions would greatly be appreciated.

It seems after practicing 2 hours that seems like alot of running (overtraining)

Some of my views as a socccer player and coach:

12 year old girls even elite should only train with the ball and do some sprinting/coordination. If they really need some stamina training they should play running games. In soccer movement coordination/ direction changes is more important than linear sprinting. Children is used to much training so I think they can handle 2 hours of soccer and running on gras. The game of soccer gives the players enough cardio training and players should focus on explosivness/quality movement. 12 year olds don’t need as high movement quality as older atletes to progress? I believe this figure 8 is ok training for this age group, but 15-20 min is too much. Running games would be better and the girls would enjoy it more.