Training with the Canadian Military

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I was doing some fact finding when i found this link of interest, its from the Canadian Forces (Department of Defence).

Check it out.

In the Canadian forces these days, you better be in shape!!!
If you’re in a Sub, be prepared to hold you breath and swim for it!
If you’re in a truck, be ready to hike!
If you’re in a SeaKing Helicoptor, it would sure help if you could fly!

“Protein is abundant in food!!!
Milk, yogourt, eggs, lean meats, poultry, fish, tofu, skim milk powder, cheese, and even grain products.”

The first place I go for my protein needs are grains. The second is always milk. What about beans and legumes? I know tofu is from Soy but they could at least give the king of proteins a little recognition.

Are you joking? Do you think you get any significant amount of useable protein from plant sources?

If you’re in the Canadian Military, meagre pay might leave you foraging for food by the end of the month, so plant sources might be interesting.

To quote the lovable Triumph the comic dog…

“I keed I keed.”

I guess Charlie is right. If you were on a tight budget like the military has you on, you might be getting your protein from quaker oats.

Herb is right. Protein from plant sources are know as incomlete proteins. Incomplete protein foods lack many of the amino acids that our bodies need for protein synthesis. Animal protein contains each essential amino acid in proper proportion to what our bodies needs whereas plants usually do not (Williams 203).

try Quinoa… not that i don’t agree with you, but if you really have to take your protein from sources apart from meat for whatever reason, your best choice would be Quinoa…

I remember some granola girl eating the stuff all the time in the lunch room and I thought she was a goofball.

I guess she was on to something. I went and checked the stuff out and it seems really good.